Patients Age: 81
Admission Date: 12/15/16
Admitted From:  Jupiter Medical Center
Discharge Date: 12/28/16
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 14 Days
Reason for Stay: Planned Rt. Hip Replacement
How did this patient hear about Jupiter? Proximity to home / insurance coverage.

Details of Experience:

Lorraine is a very active 81-year-old female patient who arrived from Jupiter Medical Center after an elective right hip replacement. She is a retired dietician from Jupiter Medical Center with a supportive husband and several grandchildren. She is also an avid gardener and very much enjoys bingo and outings with her friends.

Lorraine presented upon evaluation with required assistance for transfers, activities of daily living (ADLs), and assistance with ambulation as she could only ambulate ten feet with support from a rolling walker. Prior to her elective right hip replacement, Lorraine’s prior level of functioning was independent without any assistive device, despite reoccurring pain. The interdisciplinary team at Jupiter created a cogent clinical care plan to support Lorraine in achieving her therapeutic goals of healing and returning home. She made incredible strides while working alongside our team and at the time of discharge, she was able to ambulate 200 feet throughout the Jupiter community independently! Lorraine is now performing all activities of daily living independently and is able to ascend and descend six stairs completely unencumbered!

We are so proud and privileged to have assisted Lorraine achieve the maximum independence she set for herself upon admission. She is now looking forward to returning home to her husband and family and enjoying the good life.