Patients Age: 87
Admission Date: 1/21/17
Admitted From: Lawrence Hospital
Discharge Date: 4/5/17
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 2.5 months
Reason for Stay: Respiratory Failure/Pulmonary Edema from Congestive Heart Failure

Details of Experience:

Resident arrived to The Grove severely de-conditioned and in poor spirits. He had a complicated hospital stay- even a small stint in the ICU, from a severe upper GI bleed, flu, with complications, including hypovolemic shock and malena. This would be tough for anyone to handle, especially a formerly very active 86-year-old. To top it all off, this new resident had a recent hip fracture on his left side, which added much pain to movement and mobility as well as co-morbidities including knee degenerative joint disease, peptic ulcer disease and hypertension.

Much to the surprise of The Grove staff, the resident was all smiles and positive. He was very happy to be admitted to The Grove, and was prepared and ready for the incredible rehabilitation team to begin.

Upon admission, as per the team’s assessments, the resident required moderate assistance of performing bed mobility, transfers, ADLs, (Activities of Daily Living) and ambulation. Both the resident and his family understood the rehabilitation journey they were about to embark on, and assured the team that he was ready to roll up his sleeves and get started.

For the first month or so, he still had pain in his left hip, even with the pain management expertly overseen by the nursing and rehab staff; however, he worked hard every day with his physical and occupational therapists, making small gains. The positive reinforcement, smiles and encouragement from The Grove Staff fueled him to push harder than ever, and eventually, the pain started to subside, and he began to have an easier time with all tasks given by the therapists. Another surprising conversation he had with the team arised when he asked for “homework” exercises to be given to him, to do on his own time!

After two and a half months at The Grove, the resident was discharged back home! His status upon leaving was that he was able to walk over 200 feet with a walker, perform all ADLs on his own, and return to life as he loved it. Proper home care was arranged by his social worker, to assist with the transition back home.