Patient Name: Virginia Price
Admission Date: 6/27/17
Admitted From: Sumner Regional Medical Center
Reason for Stay: Kidney Infection

Details of Experience:

Mrs. Virginia Price arrived at Gallatin Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on June 27, 2017, after spending three days at Sumner Regional in Gallatin, TN. After arriving from the hospital with a kidney infection, Mrs. Price was greeted by her charge nurse, social services director, and her clinical techs. Over the next few days, she was greeted by therapists, the concierge director, laundry, and kitchen. Mrs. Virginia arrived as an assist with her transfers and bed mobility.

The doctor placed her on an antibiotics regimen to combat her infection. After the therapy team evaluated Mrs. Price, they began to notice that she required more assistance with her daily routines as far as transfers and bed mobility, and had great pain in her left leg. They began working with her daily to help build her strength back up. After a month and a half of working with Mrs. Price she went from needing assistance with bed mobility, standing, transfers, to only supervision. Mrs. Virginia’s pain level has also decreased over the period of time!

Mrs. Virginia is planning on discharging next week to return back to Morningside Assisted Living. We are all happy for her and glad that she has improved enough to return back to her home. She is really excited and we send warm wishes and good luck her way.