Patients Age: 82
Admission Date: 6/14/17
Discharge To: Winthrop Hospital
Discharge Date: 7/17/2017
Length of Stay: 34 Days
Reason for Stay: Generalized weakness secondary to multiple diagnoses.

Details of Experience:

Ms. Evelyn Uhlig was admitted to The Grand Pavilion from Winthrop Hospital on July 5, 2017. Ms. Uhlig had a diagnosis of generalized weakness secondary to multiple diagnoses. Evelyn lived in the community, short distance from The Grand Pavilion, and had heard only nice things about the center’s reputation for rehabilitation and nursing. Upon admission, our Director of Concierge was present to welcome her into the community and she was delighted with the first impression she received. Evelyn worked very hard as a Hairdresser to support and raise her three children while being a single mother; her biggest pride is her family. Ms. Uhlig was of such a pleasant nature and had the most calming smile that truly enhanced our community.

Prior to being admitted to the hospital, Evelyn was living in a private residence, an apartment with an elevator and she was independent with her activities of daily living, but required a rolling walker to assist with mobility and would use a wheelchair when going outdoors. When she first arrived, she was experiencing a decrease in strength, a decrease in functional mobility and transfers, reduced functional activity tolerance and reduced static and dynamic balance resulting to need of assistance during activities of daily living. The goal of occupational therapy was to increase independence in her activities of daily living skills. It was the goal of physical therapy to enhance fall recovery abilities, facilitate increased independence with ambulation, to increase lower extremities range of motion, thus minimizing falls and increasing safety awareness. Physical and occupational therapy utilized compensatory techniques to facilitate proper carryover and implementation of rehab goals, which in return has helped Evelyn remember techniques during functional tasks.

Ms. Uhlig had made tremendous progress during her time spent in skilled therapy intervention. On a daily basis, Evelyn participated in therapeutic exercises and activities to facilitate increased ambulation and functional endurance with both upper and lower extremities. Every day she was quizzed with visual cues to facilitate compensatory techniques as well as exercising energy conservation techniques. Evelyn progressed with therapy to the point where she was able to safely return to her prior living environment. Ms. Uhlig was able to ambulate 150 – 175 feet with independence and the whole team was delighted to provide her with a safe transition back home!