Patients Age: 66-years-old
Admission Date: September 8, 2017
Admitted From: Florida Hospital of Wesley Chapel
Discharge Date: September 28, 2017
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 21 Days
Reason for Stay: Abnormalities of gait, mobility, stability and recent falls.
How did this patient hear about The Bristol at Tampa Rehabilitation & Nursing Center? The patient shared that he had a previous stay in 2016 and he had a great patient experience, deciding to return!

Day 1 of Patients Stay:
Mr. Joseph Eaton, who likes to go by “Eddie”, arrived to The Bristol At Tampa Rehabilitation & Nursing Center on September 8, 2017 from Florida Hospital of Wesley Chapel, an acute care hospital in Wesley Chapel, Fl. Mr. Eaton shared that he had began becoming a little weak at times and his tolerance for standing had decreased his ability to have strength for ambulation. After a day or two, Mr. Eaton shared he then was admitted into Florida Hospital of Wesley Chapel with increased weakness and a left knee reconstruction after a fall.
After being hospitalized, Mr. Eaton was informed that he would need substantial inpatient rehabilitation before he could returned home after alerting the hospital that he has 14 steps that he has to walk up in order to get into his home. Mr. Eaton also shared with the hospital that he did not have anyone in the home; however, his brother-in-law lives nearby and would be willing to assist as needed. As Mr. Eaton was a former patient of The Bristol at Tampa, he notified the hospital that he would like to return for his rehabilitation, the case manager at the hospital reached out to the Admissions department of The Bristol and he was welcomed with open arms!

Mr. Eaton was welcomed by the Director of Concierge Services at The Bristol at Tampa Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. Within the first 24 hours, Mr. Eaton was greeted and assigned a welcome meeting with the social worker, clinicians, therapists, and business office to answer any questions that he may have had. Mr. Eaton was also seen by therapy within the first 24 hours to be assessed and evaluated. After he was seen by therapy, an individualized Plan of Treatment was then created for him.

Week’s 1-2 of Patient’s Stay:
As Mr. Eaton follows his Plan of Treatment, one of his short term goals is that he will be able to navigate 14-16 steps with bilateral hand rails (HR) with contact guard assist (CGA) in order to increase his level of independence at home. Within the first week, Mr. Eaton was able to tolerate 7-8 steps of normal height, which he was required to use bilateral handrails for upper extremity (UE) support as well as (CGA). Another one of Mr. Eaton’s goals is that he will be able to safely ambulate on level surfaces of 150 feet using a rolling walker (RW) with stand by assist (SBA) with step length symmetry and with continuous steps.

Week 2-3 of Patients Stay:
Mr. Eaton continued to improve in therapy with his plan of treatment. Mr. Eaton could perform stand pivot transfers with stand by assist (SBA). At this point Pamela, Bethany and Nina of the therapy department had worked together to create a plan of treatment that consisted of Mr. Eaton’s goals. By the second week of Mr. Eaton’s stay, he was able to navigate up to 18 steps using a one hand rail. Mr. Eaton’s therapist had also educated him on strategies in-order to maintain balance while standing to complete his activities of daily living (ADLs) such as brushing his teeth, pouring liquids and using the restroom with a rolling walker. Mr. Eaton’s tolerance and endurance had increased and allowed him to now be able to walk 30 feet using a rolling walker!

After successfully completing his goals from his plan of treatment and nearing his discharge date home, Mr. Eaton shared his experience while at The Bristol at Tampa Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. “I knew there was a reason I returned for my therapy.” Mr. Eaton shared that Pamela and Bethany helped create a plan that worked best for his situation, and would like to thank them because he would not have been able to do it without him. He shared they were very encouraging on days he felt he couldn’t do it. Mr. Eaton shared he would like to express his appreciation to the Director of Concierge as well as the entire team of The Bristol at Tampa Rehabilitation & Nursing Center for making his experience a great one, ushering his return home independently with a rolling walker.

Within 2 Days of Patient’s Discharge:
On September 28, 2017, Mr. Eaton was discharged home with support from his brother-in-law. Nearing his discharge, his ambulation increased independently from 30 feet to an unlimited walking distance using the rolling walker. The team at The Bristol at Tampa Rehabilitation & Nursing Center would like to congratulate Mr. Eaton on his discharge home. Our team strives for excellence within our patients to make sure we help them have the best patient experience while here at The Bristol.