Patients Age: 78
Admission Date: 8/13/17
Admitted From: Nyack Hospital
Discharge Date: 10/5/17
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 54 Days
Reason for Stay: Chronic Heart Failure and Edema
How did this patient hear about Ramapo Manor? From her Daughter.

Details of Experience:

Jeanette D. is an 86-year-old female who was admitted to The Willows At Ramapo from Nyack Hospital on 8/13/17. Jeanette has a diagnosis of Pulmonary Hypertension, Chronic Heart Failure and Edema.

Jeanette is currently participating in Physical, Occupational, and Cardio/pulmonary Therapy here at The Willows. Her goal is to return back home with her family and continue to live healthy. She came to The Willows on continuous supplemental oxygen due to reconditioning, Chronic Heart Failure. Through the use of different exercises, breathing exercises, pacing techniques, and education, our team was able to safely wean her off from continuous oxygen to “as needed.” Due to her Chronic Heart Failure, the teams has also monitored her weight, fluid intake, and her edema, which was mostly present in her lower extremities. Jeanette also arrived with dietary restrictions. She was started on a puree/nectar diet for all meals. After working for five days with our speech therapist, she was able to slowly and safely upgrade her to regular/thin diet. With the weaning of the oxygen and the return to a regular diet, Jeanette can return back home with more independence! To assist with her transition, she will be sent home with a walker, wheelchair and other adaptive equipment to help facilitate safety and functionality in her home.

The team at The Willows would like to congratulate Jeanette on a successful return home! She has utilized her time in our community to physically heal and to learn how to adjust and adapt when she returns home despite her current condition. Congratulations!