Patients Age: 65-years-old Admission Date: 10/09/2017 Admitted From: St. Mary’s Medical Center Discharge Date: 10/31/2017 Discharged To: Home Length of Stay: 23 days Reason for Stay: Fractured Hip How did this patient hear about Jupiter? Hospital Case Manager

Mr. Michael Scanlon arrived at Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center on October 9, 2017 from St. Mary’s Medical Center, after he was hospitalized for a fractured hip. Michael had to get four pins inserted into his hip as part of his surgery procedure. After the surgery, Michael was recommended to receive rehabilitation services to build up his strength and be able to return home. Michael’s sister helped choose Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center from a list of skilled nursing facilities (SNF) that were given to them at the hospital. Michael and his sister called all the centers on the list and spoke with the social worker. They decided to go with Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center.

Michael was a little aggravated at first, still coming down from the amnesia from the hospital. At first he was not receptive of the staff. He had many different people come in and out of his room. He shared that he did not remember them, but they remembered him because they kept greeting him. At one point, Michael thought we had more employees than residents, with the amount of staff that were taking care of him. After a couple of days, Michael became more familiar with the staff and set different goals for himself. He wanted to be in the physical therapy room all day. By the time Michael was discharged, he had grown very friendly with the staff.

Mr. Scanlon began his therapy sessions on October 10, 2017. He fractured his pelvis (non-displaced hairline fracture) on his left femur, from which he had a closed reduction internal fixation on October 6, 2017. At the time of his skilled therapy evaluation, Mr. Scanlon needed maximum assistance to perform standing- walking task and was only able to ambulate approximately five feet with a rolling walker. His lower extremity strength had severely decreased since his injury, which made it difficult for Mr. Scanlon to perform daily activities without assistance.

Mr. Scanlon was in a skilled therapy for approximately three weeks where he saw drastic improvements in his ability to ambulate and perform daily tasks. He was able to achieve this by participating in bilateral lower extremity strengthening by gait training, therapeutic activities and neurological re-education skilled therapy interventions. At the time of his discharge, Mr. Scanlon was able to ambulate more than 200 feet in a rolling walker with modified independence and was able to perform all functional activities with no assistance. He was looking forward to going back to work ASAI and resuming his normal activities.

Michael Scanlon was discharged on October 31, 2017. He has gone back to his home where he will be receiving an evaluation and to be shown the proper exercises for the hip. He will be getting a nurse to come in for an hour a day just to see how he is physically, check his hip and monitor his medication. “The rehab here is amazing, [unfortunately] I had to come here, but it was an amazing experience.” “It was a rewarding experience because it helped me to heal to the point that I’m at, even though I didn’t want to be in this setting.”