Patients Age: 72
Admission Date: 9/29/17
Admitted From: New York Presbyterian
Discharge Date: N/A
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 31 days
Reason for Stay: Short Term Rehab
How did this patient hear about the Riverside? Nephew Toured The Riverside Rehabilitation Center.

Details of Experience:

Miss. Kathy L. was admitted to The Riverside Premier Rehabilitation Center and Healing Center September 29th 2017 from Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. Prior to her hospital visit, she was bed bound nearly four months unable to move her limbs, or eat without assistance. Her son would have to often assist her to the bathroom and support her during meals. The medical team diagnosed Kathy with Dyspnea, and a Metastatic Carcinoma. Her evaluation stated she had limited mobility of five feet with a rolling walker, as well as requiring palliative care. She was referred to The Riverside Rehabilitation Center with goals of occupational and physical therapy intervention.

Upon arrival to The Riverside, Kathy was warmly greeted with open arms by the team on her floor. Each department visited and greeted Kathy, answering her questions and inquiries that she had in regards to her stay at the community. The concierge team also greeted her with a welcome gift and walked her through the community welcome book, serving as an additional information resource during her stay. The Concierge professionals assured her of the team’s commitment to optimal levels of customer service and the community’s mission of the provision of quality care and patient satisfaction.
Her ability to ambulate was limited to contact guard assistance to use the bathroom or transfer from bed to wheelchair. The experience was an eye opener for one who formerly lived independently. Kathy began occupational and physical therapy immediately after being admitted. By day three, she was able to sit upright on her own.

Kathy is determined to regain her independence once again. She is actively working with her therapists, maximizing every session as a learning experience, while practicing at her bed side with the limited assistance from family members and staff.

Kathy has been at The Riverside Rehabilitation Center for 31 days. She is making tremendous progress. Currently she is able to walk with a walker approximately 300 meters. Feeling 60% better than when she arrived. Her oncologist at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center is pleased with her progress. During her previous visit to the hospital she did not have the capability to sit upright or shake hands with her upper extremities. Recently, Kathy returned to the hospital for an appointment. The medical staff was taken aback at her ability to not only sit up straight, but simultaneously shake hands with staff members. She credits every staff member at The Riverside for her success.

Kathy hopes to continue to be an inspiration not only for residents in the community, but to every staff member she encounters. She will remain at The Riverside until the completion of her immunotherapy treatment. The expected time frame for successful discharge is in mid November. Her goal is to live out her 2nd life to the fullest, by returning to Hungary. We wish Kathy all the best moving forward.