Patients Age: 79
Admission Date: 11/28/2017
Discharge To: Mercy Medical Center
Discharge Date: 2/14/2017
Length of Stay: 49 Days
Reason for Stay: Gastrointestinal hemorrhage, transfusion, therapeutic injection and
generalized muscle weakness.
How did patient hear about the Grand Pavilion?: The Grand Pavilion was
recommended by Mr. Crawford’s sister-in-law who works at Mercy Medical Center.

Details of Experience:

Mr. Elijah Crawford was admitted to the Grand Pavilion from Mercy Medical Center on December 28th, 2017. Mr. Crawford had a diagnosis of gastrointestinal hemorrhage, transfusion, therapeutic injection and generalized muscle weakness. Upon arrival to the Grand Pavilion, Mr. Crawford and his family were greeted by both the Nursing Team and our Concierge, Mark. Subsequently thereafter, he went on to meet the therapy team, dietician and social worker.

The entire team were excited to get to know Mr. Crawford. Mr. Crawford enjoys various hobbies such as drawing, physical fitness and reading. Elijah has an extreme zest for life and shares great love for his family. The staff members found Elijah to be extremely pleasant and cooperative throughout his rehabilitation journey. Everyone would often look forward to his amazing smile throughout the day. Mr. Crawford had the simple goal of getting better and returning home to his beloved family as soon as possible.

Mr. Crawford initially came to Grand Pavilion with generalized weakness and presented with impaired functional endurance with functional mobility limitation such as bed mobility, transfer, and ambulation due to status post hospitalization for gastrointestinal hemorrhage. Elijah initially required moderate assistance from the Physical and Occupational Therapists for bed mobility, transfer, and was only ambulating up to 15 feet with the assistance of a rolling walker. He also required moderate assistance with upper and lower extremity dressing.

Elijah always had company from his wife, children and friends. Mark (Director of Concierge Services) recalls numerous occasions of Elijah and his visiting wife playing cards and enjoying their visits together. Mr. Crawford immensely enjoyed drawing and would attend all of our Art Therapy Activities.

After weeks of rehabilitation with both our Physical and Occupational Therapists, Mr. Crawford has made significant improvement in all functional mobility and activities of daily living. He is now able to perform bed mobility and transfer under stand-by assistance. He is ambulating up to 100 feet under limited assist. Mr. Crawford has put in hard work with our skilled clinicians and is looking forward to going home safely with independence with mobility and activities of daily living.

When our Director of Concierge Services followed up with Elijah closer to his discharge date, he was extremely satisfied with his stay and he expressed how appreciative for all the great care he received. The Grand Pavilion team is honored to have a hand in giving Mr. Crawford the best experience possible.