Patients Age: 85
Admission Date: 1/16/2018
Admitted From: Southern Hills
Discharge Date: 2/9/2018
Discharged To: Private Home
Length of Stay: 24 days
Reason for Stay: Right Femur Fracture
How did patient hear about Bethany Center for Rehabilitation and Healing? Case Manager

Details of Experience:

Ms. Fields is an 85 year old female who presented to Bethany after a three night stay at Southern Hills related to a fall on the ice resulting in an acute displaced distal femur fracture anteriorly. She underwent an ORIF of her right distal femur on 1/13/18.

Upon admission to Bethany Center, Ms. Fields was oriented to her room and her daughter was present to ensure that the transition went smoothly. A member of our therapy team evaluated her shortly after admission to determine her initial plan of care and what her first day of therapy would look like the following day. Due to the fact that Ms. Fields also had a diagnosis of dementia, the therapy staff had that to consider additional strategy when working with her during her sessions.

Ms. Fields wore a knee immobilizer on her right leg and was to keep this on at all times outside of physical therapy. She spent her time strengthening her left leg as well as her upper body in order to compensate for her weight bearing status on her right leg being non existent upon admission. Ms. Fields progressed in therapy, even though she had days that were harder than others as well as times she wasn’t up to doing much exercise at all.

After a couple weeks of being here and getting progressively better, Ms. Fields’ daughter mentioned to the therapy team that she was interested in taking her mother home fairly soon. Our team explained that Ms. Fields would need 24/7 care at home because she was still to remain non-weight bearing on her right leg and she also had memory challenges. Ms. Fields’ daughter arranged for caregivers to be at home with both she and her Mother around the clock in order for her to be safe and taken care of while at home.
Upon discharge from Bethany Center, Ms. Fields still had her immobilizer on her right lower extremity and continued to be non weight bearing. She discharged much stronger and more capable of performing her activities of daily living without the use of her right leg or bearing weight on that leg and her pain was also well controlled.