Patients Age: 87
Admission Date: 4/26/2018
Admitted From: Mount Sinai West Hospital
Discharge Date: 6/1/2018
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 36 days
Reason for Stay: Short Term Rehabilitation
How did this patient hear about the Riverside?
Details of Experience:

Miss. Gayares was admitted to The Riverside on the 26th of April 2018, from Mt. Sinai West Hospital. She arrived with a primary diagnosis of failure to thrive and general weakness. She is completely blind in her left eye and also is a lung cancer survivor, diagnosed previously in 2009.

Back at home, Miss. Gayares was experiencing a large amount of nausea and vomiting, which lead her to the emergency room. During her stay at the hospital, she experienced a tremendous decline in functionality. The clinical team at the hospital recommended short term rehabilitation, before returning home.

Miss. Gayares, along with her son, were warmly welcomed by The Riverside team members.
At the time of her initial therapy evaluation, Miss. Gayares’s balance was rated a “fair minus.” She required moderate assistance for transfers as well as her activities of daily life such as using the bathroom and getting dressed. At this time, she was not able to walk or stand. Additionally, she required continuous oxygen due to her history of lung cancer.

Being a retired physician, Miss. Gayares understood how serious her condition was and was eager to begin her rehabilitation, so she could return home safely. Her therapists began with bed side exercises to assist Miss. Gayares regain levels of strength. After only one week, she made incredible progress and was able to walk 100 feet with a rolling walker. Her therapists were amazed at this accomplishment! Miss. Gayares was pleased with her work; however, she knew she still had ways to go.

Approximately two weeks later, Miss Gayares graduated from her walker and was presented with a single arm crutch. Letting go of the walker was a tremendous challenge, but she quickly adapted and within a few days was walking 150 feet with the crutch! Another challenge Miss. Gayares was faced with was the 20 stairs she had to climb to reach her New York City apartment. Each day her therapists worked closely with her one step at a time, until she consistently had the ability to climb the stairs on her own.
On the 29th of May, her social worker stopped by her room to deliver the incredible news. The team has determined that she had met her goals in therapy and will be discharged home on the 1st of June. Both Miss. Gayares and her son were overjoyed!

At this time, she was able to walk with only standby assist, and is performing all of her activities of daily life, completely independently. She can get dressed; brush her teeth, and a whole lot more. She was also successfully weaned off of continuous oxygen, which is a goal she never thought she would reach!

Miss. Gayares shared, “at first I was apprehensive, I did not want to be in a nursing home. My concierge helped find a room that was comfortable for me and that really helped speed up my recovery. A member of the concierge stopped by daily and I really appreciated that. The food was delicious and that really helped me as well. My therapists were extremely motivating and inspiring. I give full credit to my CNA’s and Nurses for caring for me and always ensuring that I was alright.”

The entire Riverside family wishes Miss. Gayares well as her journey to recovery comes to an end.