Patients Age: 78-years-old
Admission Date: 11/30/2018
Admitted From: Kendall Regional Medical Center
Discharge Date: N/A
Discharged To: N/A
Length of Stay: 60 days and go
Reason for Stay: Dislocation of other parts of left shoulder girdle.
How did this patient hear about Palmetto Subacute Care Center? Social worker at Kendall Regional.

Details of Experience:
Ms. Rodriguez arrived at our community, Palmetto Subacute Care Center, for rehabilitation after a stay at the hospital. Ms. Rodriguez was recommended to be placed in a skilled nursing community for care. She was scheduled for 30 days for physical, occupational, and speech therapy. With the help of these three disciplines, Ms. Rodriguez was able to return back to her residence and a few weeks.

Ms. Rodriguez was immediately welcomed by the director of concierge, unit nurses, and technicians. The clinical team was incredibly helpful with respect of assisting her if needed from the bed to the wheelchair and available to answer any questions. Ms. Rodriguez began therapy immediately while also getting to know additional staff members and residents. We were pleased to see Ms. Rodriguez make herself right at home.

Over the next few weeks, Ms. Rodriguez began to participate in activities more frequently and enjoyed conversing outdoors. While in therapy, she began with arm exercises to build strength and stamina using weights.

We are so happy to share that she is now being able to transfer herself. The therapy team is really happy to see the improvements Ms. Rodriguez has made thus far. We always want to make a difference in the lives of those who we serve, so to see progress not only makes our patients smile, our therapists’ smile.

Although Ms. Rodriguez is a current patient with us, she and the therapy team are continuing to work towards a safe discharge plan. We cannot wait to see the accomplishments she will make in the near future!