Patient’s Age: 86-years-old
Admission Date: 11/28/18
Admitted From: Cornell Medical Center
Discharge Date: 2/14/19
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 2 ½ Months
Reason for Stay: Pelvic Fracture/Cervical Spinal Fracture
How did this patient hear about The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation & Nursing Center? Resident has been here before.

Details of Experience:

Mr. Aaron H. arrived at The Chateau on a cold November day after a short stay at Cornell Medical Center. Prior to going into the hospital, Aaron was a very independent man, all he needed was a walker to get around. However, one morning on his way downstairs for breakfast, he missed a step on the stairs, fell and sustained a pelvic and cervical spinal fracture. He was rushed to the hospital and the doctors performed surgery to put several screws to hold the bones together. After a few days in the hospital, Arthur was feeling a bit better; the doctor informed him that he would be ready to go to a rehabilitation center soon. Since Aaron had been a resident at The Chateau and was very happy with his previous stay, he decided to come back again to get back to his independent self.

Upon arrival at The Chateau, Aaron was warmly greeted by all the staff that recognized him and they were all sad to see the state that he was in after the fall; however, the team gave him strength and reinforcement by explaining to him that he would recover fully, and will return home to his wife. Although he was in a neck brace and had his leg in a cast, he continuously kept a positive outlook. He was always looking forward to working with the rehabilitation team.

When he began working with his therapist, Tracey and Janice, he was unable to bear weight on his legs. The therapists instructed him to perform specific exercises to be able to strengthen his muscles so that he would be ready to walk again once he got the go ahead. After a few weeks of muscle exercises, Aaron was given the go-ahead to do full workouts in the gym and was soon up and walking with his therapists on a walker in the gym.

As the weeks went on, he kept pushing himself and was slowly taken out of his wheelchair and given a walker. Once he got to a point where he was ambulating on the unit with a rolling walker, the staff started prepping Aaron for his discharge.

The staff helped arrange for him to have a stair climber installed on his staircase at home so that he doesn’t have to worry about climbing the stairs. He was also set up with a home attendant to help him and his wife with chores around the house so that they wouldn’t be alone. We want to ensure that our patients are being discharged in the safest manner.

When the time came for Aaron to go home, he expressed to the staff how grateful he was for all that they did for him throughout his stay and told them that he would be recommending to The Chateau to anyone that is in need of rehabilitation.

We at The Chateau are happy to see him going home on his own two feet!