Patient’s Age: 74-years-old
Admission Date: 3/11/19
Discharge Date: 3/28/19
Discharged to: Home
Length of Stay: 17 Days
Reason for Stay: Total hip replacement
How did this patient hear about Glengariff? She has been a patient at Glengariff previously.

Details of Experience:
Carol Wright had arrived at Glengariff rehab on March 11th, 2019 after being discharged from St. Francis hospital, post her total right hip replacement. This was not Carol’s first time at Glengariff. She had been a patient in October of 2018 after her total knee replacement surgery. After seeing herself flourish in her rehab process and receiving excellent patient care at Glengariff, it was a no-brainer for her to return to Glengariff for her second time around. When she arrived, she was overwhelmed to see how many staff members remembered her from her previous stay five months prior. She was beyond excited to see Margrett, the patient advocate who so very much enhanced her stay during her time in October. After being greeted by both Margrett and the Director of Concierge Services, Teddy, Carol was eager to begin her rehab journey in order to get back home. As she was shown to her room, she was then met by Noel and Autumn from the Physical Therapy team. They did an initial physical evaluation so that the best plan of rehab for Carol could be composed. She then met Melissa who would be her nurse for the majority of the day. Carol felt extremely comfortable knowing she had met someone from each department upon her arrival as she was previously anxious to start her Physical and Occupational Therapy.

Upon her arrival at the facility, Carol was very limited in her mobility. After the surgery, she was only able to ambulate 25 feet with a rolling walker and still required moderate assistance. She also had a difficult time accomplishing her activities of daily living as she could only transfer from a sitting to standing position with moderate assistance. Working together with her PT, Tom, and her OT, Grace, she was determined to get back to her prior state of function. By the end of her first week in therapy, she was amazed to see that she was now ambulating a total of 75 feet with a rolling walker and only minimal assistance. In just seven days, she had already made huge strides, which helped raise her confidence to keep on improving. She made similar gains in OT as well. By the end of week one, Carol was only requiring contact guard assistance and did not need anyone to be fully hands-on while doing her activities of daily living. By her 3rd and final week, Carol was ambulating an outstanding 150 feet and only required supervision. She was also navigating stairs, which was very crucial to her going back home. In addition to her PT progress, by her 3rd week in OT, Carol was doing her activities of daily living and transfers with total independence and with only distant supervision. The few weeks in the Glengariff gym truly made Carol feel like she was on the road to getting fully back to herself, which for her was the most important thing when choosing a rehab center.

Aside from the therapy she received at Glengariff rehab, there were many other aspects to the community that made Carol’s stay so special. She expressed how she could not believe the genuine care and concern that the nurses and aid staff portrayed throughout both of her stays. Sandra, her CNA, always had a smile on her face and gave her positive encouragement throughout the duration of her stay. Charles, one of Carol’s nurses, was always gentle and listened intently to all of her questions in regards to anything clinical. During her time not in therapy, Carol made sure to make use of the many great recreational activities that Glengariff offers. One of her favorites was painting class, where the instructor helped her create a beautiful bridge that she would soon give to her son as a housewarming gift once she got home.

In addition to painting, she enjoyed the music shows on the weekends, as well as the coffee and cookie gatherings during the week.

As her discharge date came close, she was contacted by the Social Work department to make sure that she would be going home with the proper equipment to ensure her safety at home. On the day of her discharge, she was seen by Deena, the discharge nurse, who carefully gave her instructions to inform her all about her medications and plan of care going forward. As Carol was leaving the facility she stated: 

“I hope I am never again in need of a hospital or rehab facility, but if I do, I would be back at Glengariff without even thinking twice about it. The rehab staff did such a phenomenal job getting me to walk again and the nursing staff was so kindhearted and warm towards me. It really did make me feel at home throughout this entire stay. I will forever remember my great experience at Glengariff.”