Patient’s Name: Johnny L. Gay
Admission Date: 12/14/18
Admitted From: AdventHealth Tampa
Discharge Date: 03/22/19
Length of Stay: 99 days
Reason for Stay: Encounter for orthopedic aftercare following surgical amputation, unsteadiness on feet, muscle weakness.
How did this patient hear about The Bristol at Tampa Rehabilitation & Nursing Center? The case manager at AdventHealth Tampa.

Details of Experience:

Day 1 of Patient’s Stay 
Ms. Johnny Gay arrived at The Bristol at Tampa Rehabilitation & Nursing Center on December 14th following an amputation of his right leg. Mr. Gay was greeted by the interdisciplinary team at The Bristol at Tampa Rehabilitation and Nursing Center to evaluate a unique plan of care with the end goal of going home and living independently with the assistance from his partner.

Weeks 1-2 of Patient’s Stay 
Mr. Gay was assessed by therapy and had a plan to receive therapy six times a week for four weeks. Mr. Gay’s goals included being able to safely perform activities of daily living, complete self-transfers, and increased functional mobility.

Within two weeks of his stay, Mr. Gay received therapy and practiced with a prosthetic limb and contact guard assist. He could walk 150 feet with a rolling walker and contact guard assist.

Weeks 2-3 of Patient’s Stay 
Practice truly does make perfect! Within just a few weeks at The Bristol Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Mr. Gay could walk on both even and uneven surfaces with assistance from therapy. Shortly after, Mr. Gay received his prosthetic limb and ambulated more than 300 feet!

Weeks 4-8 of Patient’s Stay 
Within the last few weeks of Mr. Gay’s stay, Mr. Gay was able to function independently with and without assistance from his rolling walker. This was just with his prosthetic limb on his right leg where he received his amputation; an incredible accomplishment!

Within 2 Days of Patient’s Discharge 
It is our honor with pleasure to announce that on March 22nd, 2019, Mr. Gay was discharged from The Bristol Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. Mr. Gay made incredible accomplishments with therapy and is now back to his prior level of functioning. We love to see our patients go home happy and healthy, and on behalf of The Bristol Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, we wish Mr. Gay the best!