Patient’s age: 65-years-old
Admission date: 03/13/2019
Admitted from: Montefiore Hospital
Discharge date: 7/22/2019
Discharged to: Home
Length of stay: 131 days
Reason of stay: Short-term rehabilitation
How did patient hear about The Riverside? The Hospital Social worker.

Details of Experience:
Mr. Allen was admitted to Montefiore Hospital on March 1, 2019, for shortness of breath, edema, and abdominal girth. His sister called 911, due to his declining health. For 2 weeks, Mr. Allen noticed that his abdominal area was getting larger. Medical staff diagnosed Mr. Allen with Congestive Heart failure, Hypertension, Liver Failure, and Keto-Acidosis. His previous medical history includes a below the knee amputation in 2016, Congestive Heart failure, and type 1 Diabetes. While being treated at Montefiore, he began losing his appetite, resulting in weight loss, decreased strength, decreased mobility, and fatigue. After 12 days of being in the hospital, medical staff felt Mr. Allen made a significant recovery and was able to discharge home, or to a skilled nursing facility. While Mr. Allen did make significant progress while he was admitted, he needed consistent medical attention. Medical staff recommended that he go to a skilled nursing facility, in order to continue medical treatment, and work on balance. Mr. Allen agreed with the medical staff’s recommendation and was spoken to by a very friendly social worker. After sitting with the hospital social worker at length, Mr. Allen chose the Riverside. His road to recovery began.

Upon admission, Mr. Allen was greeted at the door by friendly staff members. Each department was represented in efforts of welcoming Mr.Allen, they proceeded to make a plan of action with his family members. The recommendations from Montefiore medical staff would be incorporated into his care plan, with additional support being made from Riverside staff.

To Mr. Allen’s surprise, the Concierge Department spoke to him about The Riverside’s signature Comprehensive Amputee Rehabilitation Program, led by Paralympics Gold Medalists, Todd Schaffhauser, and Dennis Oehler. Once he heard this news he was overly excited to meet them, and train with them. One of Mr. Allen’s passions are sports, and to be mentored by Todd and Dennis, who are also amputees, was a giant step on the road to recovery.

While he was still in a weakened condition, dietary devised a custom menu for him in order to gain weight. Medical staff in coordination with his medical doctors at Montefiore hospital used the latest techniques in the treatment of congestive heart failure. The therapists evaluated him to ensure that he would be able to rebuild muscle. They began by measuring his left leg for a prosthetic, and work on speech and swallowing.

Initially, Mr.Allen was very weak and going out to dialysis 2x a week, this left him tired on the days he was participating in rehab. Over time with the support of staff, and family he was becoming a completely different person for the better. There was noticeable more energy, tolerance for sitting in a wheelchair increased, appetite increased, the heart was functioning more efficiently, swelling in his legs was gone completely. With these small steps going in the right direction, hope was in sight. Physical Therapy ordered a technician to come to the Riverside and measure his limb. After waiting for this day to come, a big box arrived with his name on it, unsure what was inside, he opened it up to find his prosthetic leg. The joy in his eyes was electric to every staff member and resident surrounding him. Todd and Dennis were available to see him put it on for the first time, and gave him his 1st lesson. For many people adjusting to a prosthetic takes adjusting to; however, Mr. Allen was not the case. To the surprise of Todd and Dennis after his lesson, Mr. Allen was walking around as if he had it his entire life. On July 22, 2019, Mr. Allen was discharged from The Riverside. He was able to go home with his sister, via the NYC MTA service. On behalf of the entire team at The Riverside, we wish Mr. Allen all the best and to keep on walking!