Patient’s Age: 77-years-old
Admission Date: 08/16/19
Admitted From: Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital
Discharge Date: 09/12/19
Discharged To: Home with wife
Length of Stay: 28 Days
Reason for Stay: Metastatic prostate cancer, compression fractures, radiation, and kyphoplasty surgery

Details of Experience:
Mr. Murphy is a 77-year-old male who was admitted to The Hamlet Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center at Nesconset on August 16, 2019, after his stay at Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital for compression fractures where he underwent kyphoplasty (an interventional radiology procedure used to treat compression fractures). After his hospitalization, Mr. Murphy needed inpatient rehabilitation and required maximum assistance with all activities of daily living.

Mr. Murphy has been in and out of hospitals for the past several months and was hopeful that the kyphoplasty would help alleviate some of his tremendous back pain. He shared that he played the guitar and owns a 1957 Gretsch. He and several children from his church performed in nursing homes on Long Island and produced four albums. He is looking forward to again performing with his choir on Christmas.

Mr. Murphy entered our community, The Hamlet Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center at Nesconset, on August 16. Upon admission, Mr. Murphy had a goal to walk on his own without pain. Within the first hour of his admission, Mr. Murphy was seen by valued members of the team who welcomed him. During his initial assessment, Mr. Murphy required maximum assistance with all activities of daily living. He was not able to climb any steps and was only able to ambulate 50 feet with minimal assistance.

In his skilled physical and occupational therapy sessions, Mr. Murphy worked on therapeutic resistance exercises and gait training therapy six times a week, where he practiced dynamic functional activities, standing balance training and challenging balance outside base of support in order to return to his prior level of function. In less than two weeks, Mr. Murphy was already ambulating 150 feet. In addition, Mr. Murphy worked on performing good hygiene, self-feeding tasks, bathing, toileting, and upper and lower body dressing.

After achieving continued progress and nearing his much-anticipated discharge date, Mr. Murphy was able to meet his long and short term goals. At the time of discharge, Mr. Murphy was able to ambulate 300 feet!

Through the teamwork and cooperation given by physical and occupational therapy and the entire Hamlet team, Mr. Murphy was finally able to go back to his home. While at the Hamlet, Mr. Murphy painted a picture of two love birds. He shared that he will be putting that picture up as soon as he is able. We wish Mr. Murphy and his family the best of luck and safe, healthy discharge home.