Patient’s age: 77-years-old
Admission Date: 09/27/19
Admitted From: Tampa General Hospital
Discharge Date: TBD
Length of Stay: TBD
Reason for Stay: Right CVA
How did this patient hear about The Bristol at Tampa Rehabilitation & Nursing Center? Case Manager at Tampa General suggested.

Details of experience
On a nice Wednesday evening, Mr. Roy Rynes was with his girlfriend in Highland Pines having a pleasant conversation. When Roy tried to get up from his chair, he suddenly found himself stuck and unable to get up. With one final attempt, Roy ended up falling out of his chair and onto the floor, which caused his girlfriend to call 911. The ambulance then came and Roy was rushed to Tampa General Hospital.

After being diagnosed with a right CVA, Roy was admitted to The Bristol for intense physical, occupational and speech therapy. Despite the inability to move the left side of his body, the inability to walk, needing max assist to transfer, and regressing from a regular diet pre-hospitalization to a mechanical soft & nectar thick diet (as well as extreme slurring), Roy still stayed extremely motivated and determined, as his incredible therapists, Fatima Luevas, Thomas Joseph, and Gina Glassman all unanimously spoke so highly of.

Roy then started his therapy and started making progress in all areas pretty quickly. Together with his speech therapist, Gina, he started working on different strategies to promote safety for thin liquids, while with his PT and OT, Thomas and Fatima, he was evolving to stand-pivot transfers on his strong side, ability to turn using a little of his left side for bed mobility, and the ability to stand with a Hemi walker.

As the hard work continued, so did the progress. Within just another week, Roy had escalated from max assist for transfers to min assist for transfers and was walking 30 feet with a Hemi walker without any rest breaks! He also started to take little sips of thin liquids!

Only a week later, Roy had made the leap to 125 feet with contact guard assist and was able to walk to the bathroom with a Hemi walker! He also got to a point of being able to talk clearly enough for everyone to hear what he was saying! As motivated as he was, Roy was extremely impressed with the therapists and his progression as he shared “I couldn’t do anything! I can move my legs now, I can talk now, I couldn’t talk at all before!”

It didn’t stop there. Roy got to a point of eating solid foods and the ability to drink thick liquids! He also started having significant participation in his group therapy which in his first few weeks he was much less involved in but as his therapist Fatima shared, he now escalated to the “hype guy” and would even give insight.

Towards discharge time, his daughter Dorothy gratefully stated “Every employee that has been in contact with Roy has been great. They are compassionate. The therapists are also so patient. His speech was slurred, now he is talking. His legs weren’t moving, now they are moving”.

We wish Roy and his family only health, happiness, and continued progress!