Patient’s Age: 80-years-old
Admission Date: 03/28/2020
Admitted From: Robert Wood Johnson Hospital-New Brunswick
Discharge Date: Pending
Discharged To: Assisted Living Facility
Reason for Stay: Fractured arm, fractured pelvis, fracture in spine
How did this patient hear about Chatham Hills? Nurse navigator referral

Details of Experience:
It was a normal Tuesday in March when Mary was at home, going about her day as usual. She did not expect an accident to occur that would turn her day stormy. She was walking down her front steps when she took a hard fall. Her neighbor found her face down on the pavement before they rushed to call 911. She was admitted to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital on March 24th with a fractured arm, fractured pelvis, and a small fracture in her spine. While under great care, she required surgery to have two plates and screws put in her left elbow due to the compound fracture. It was also revealed that she had developed COVID-19.

While healing, she was informed that she required subacute rehabilitation before returning home.

Mary was admitted to the dedicated observation unit at Chatham Hills on March 28, 2020. She was greeted by the skilled nursing staff to get settled in her room. Mary was completely independent prior to admission and knew she was going to have to work hard. Her goal upon admission was, “to get stronger and walk”. After evaluation, the Chatham physical and occupational therapy teams formed personalized plans for Mary to assist in her recovery while also treating her for COVID-19 per the guidance from the Department of Health and CDC.

Although it was not the ideal situation for Mary, there was a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Because she was not participating in therapy for fifteen days, her bones had time to heal quickly. She was picked back up on her therapy program on April 22, 2020, after being clear of COVID-19. She improved very quickly which made reaching her therapy goals that much more obtainable. Mary is now able to ambulate over 100 feet, perform her activities of daily living just with supervision, and has regained her independence.

The Director of Concierge Services visited Mary to see how her stay has been thus far. Mary shared, “My group of staff that I have had have been great. It felt like it had been a long journey for me until all of a sudden these girls came floating along. My therapist, Michelle, and Concierge, Kathleen, literally make my day every day. I love when they come around, they add a lot to the atmosphere, and I look forward to seeing them. I love that I can walk around the halls now just with my cane and say hello to everyone else. I can’t wait to go back to where I was before this whole thing.” Team Chatham Hills is thrilled to congratulate Mary on her amazing progress and wish her the best.