Patient’s age: 85-years-old
Admission Date: 02/18/20
Admitted From: St. Joseph’s Hospital
Discharge Date: 05/05/20
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 8 weeks
Reason for Stay: Severe leg swelling and right shoulder pain
How did this patient hear about The Bristol: Social worker Lisa M. at St. Joseph Hospital

Details of experience
Mary W. is a kind woman who worked for the school system for 37 years before retiring, though she continued to help care for family and loved ones from home. Mary was admitted to The Bristol at Tampa from St. Joseph Hospital on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, at appx. 8:30 PM. She had experienced an unexpected fall at home, which caused her to be admitted to the hospital. Barely able to walk due to severe swelling in her leg as well as pain in her right shoulder, Mary needed immediate physical therapy to assist with strengthening.

When Mary presented to therapy, she required maximum assistance and was unable to sit on the edge of her bed without help. She also was unable to get herself into a wheelchair or walk. Initially, Mary struggled with maintaining motivation during this difficult time and was not reaching her goals. Motivation came in the form of The Bristol’s dedicated team. During her therapy, Mary’s therapists, Thomas and Briana, reminded Mary she needed to work hard in order to return home. As her desire to participate and return home grew, so did her strength. Mary never gave up her newfound hope. With support from her son, Albert, and her granddaughter, Bridget. Mary was determined to reach her goals. Her family would visit her daily and encouraged her to stay motivated.

Mary gradually made progress within 8 weeks of her stay. Upon discharge, she was able to transfer in and out of bed, ambulate to the bathroom, and use a wheelchair without assistance. She could also ambulate the length of her house and short distances using a walker. Ms. W. was able to return home safely with her family performing most activities independently. The team at The Bristol would like to thank Mary for allowing the team to assist her during her recovery and wish her the very best!