Patient Name: Alicia L.
Admission Date: 04/21/20
Admitted From: Greenwich Hospital
Discharge Date: 05/05/20
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 2 Weeks
Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation after Hospitalization from Covid-19
How did this patient hear about The Enclave? Case Manager at Greenwich Hospital

Details of Experience:
Alicia was admitted to The Enclave at Rye Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on April 21, 2020, from Greenwich Hospital, where she had been admitted due to a Coronavirus diagnosis. Alicia was greeted by The Enclave’s team, led by her attending team of nurses, therapists, and doctors. Upon admission, Mylene, her physical therapist, and Dave, her occupational therapist, had the opportunity to meet with Alicia and perform their initial evaluations. In this time, they created her preliminary goals and personal treatment plan.

At admission, Alicia was presenting with muscle weakness and needed support while standing, along with an inability to turn around fully with continuous steps. During the duration of her Coronavirus treatment, she needed assistance walking, using stairs, and getting dressed. Her muscle weakness and diagnosis impacted her ability to complete basic daily living activities, so short term goals were established to help her regain strength while monitoring her symptoms and health.

Staff had been informed prior to Alicia’s admission that she was primarily Spanish speaking. As such, the staff took extra steps to ensure Alicia would still receive the highest quality of care and understand her treatment plan. Only a week into her stay, Alicia stated, “They are taking good care of me”. Along with Alicia’s satisfaction in nursing care, she was thrilled with how therapy was progressing. In her own words, “Everybody was so nice and patient with me!” With all the wonderful care she was receiving, Alicia was progressing towards her short term and long term goals.

Only two weeks after joining The Enclave, Alicia was discharged back home with renewed strength and independence after crushing COVID-19! She needs no support when standing, and can turn 360 degrees with continuous steps. She was able to walk and use the stairs by herself, as well as dressing herself. She was independent in all of her daily living activities, including her bathing and toileting.

The Enclave’s team is so thrilled that Alicia has returned home. When she was asked about her experience at The Enclave, she gave the community a rating of 10 out of 10, stating that “I was very impressed”. The team wishes Alicia the best of luck, and continued health!