Patient’s age: 58-years-old
Admission Date: 06/30/20
Discharge Date: 07/24/20
Length of Stay: 4 weeks
Reason for Stay: Left leg amputee
How did this patient hear about The Bristol: Patient shared he heard about The Bristol from his social worker at Tampa General Hospital.

Details of experience
Reginald D. was admitted to The Bristol at Tampa Rehabilitation & Nursing Center on June 30, 2020, from Tampa General Hospital. Presented to our therapy team as a new amputee, Mr. D. was always in good spirits and was very independent from day one.

Reginald shared with the team at The Bristol that he had very high expectations of completing the program and would be returning home as soon as he could. Mr. D. stated, “I’m ready to get back to normal.” With all of Mr. D.’s positive energy, the team was ready to put a plan into action. Short-term, as well as long-term goals, were made.

Week One:
Reginald began his journey by working with Occupational Therapist, Arika Koesling, towards his short-term goals of verbal cues for safety awareness with reduced risk for falls, bathing, and dressing.

Mr. D. would also perform housekeeping tasks in order to be able to return home independently. Alongside Occupational Therapist, Arika, was our Physical Therapist, Tessa, assisting in standing, balance transfers, as well as, safely ambulating on leveled surfaces 20 feet using a four-wheel walker.

Week Two:
Mr. D. was gradually making progress. He was pleased with the services that were being provided by the team. In between therapy sessions, Mr. D. participated in independent activities. Reginald also attended resident council meetings to share his thoughts on our rehabilitation and the services provided. Mr. D. shared he appreciated the team for all their support, but he just wanted to get back to doing things by myself.

In order to return to his residence, Mr. D. was determined to meet his long-term goals. He was able to safely perform activities of daily living. Reginald would bathe and dress himself with modified independence with reduced risk of falls without any verbal cues from team members. Mr. D. maintained his independence throughout his duration.

Week Four:
Mr. D. was moving around the community independently in his wheelchair and common goals were being met. Reginald was able to perform functional transfers as well as safely ambulate on leveled surfaces 75 feet using a four-wheel walker with supervised assistance daily.

Mr. D. had completed therapy and on July 24, 2020, in which he was discharged home and thanked The Bristol staff for their support. The Bristol would like to wish Mr. D. all the best!