Patients Age: 56-years-old
Admission Date: 07/31/20
Admitted From: Tampa General Hospital 
Discharge Date: 08/28/20
Length of Stay: 3 weeks
Discharged To: Home
Reason for Stay: Resident had a stroke and fell in her home
How did this patient hear about The Bristol at Tampa Rehabilitation and Nursing Center? Resident shared she heard about The Bristol from her social worker at Tampa General Hospital

Details of Experience:
Vannessa L. arrived at The Bristol At Tampa Rehabilitation & Nursing Center on July 31, 2020 from Tampa General Hospital. Ms. Linnen is a 56-year-old woman, with a history of hypertension, who was admitted to Tampa General Hospital on July 23, 2020. Vannessa had a stroke and had fallen at home and was found by her family. When Vannessa arrived at The Bristol, she was unable to perform range of motion due to generalized muscle weakness and could not safely ambulate.  Ms. L. required maximum rehab assistance and our team of professionals put together a comprehensive treatment for her. Vannessa appeared a bit depressed and frustrated. Greeted by our Concierge Director, Administration staff, clinicians, physicians, and Social Worker, she began to feel more comfortable and inspired.

Vannessa began her journey with Stephanie, her occupational therapist, by working on completing right shoulder flexion to 120 degrees to increase participation in upper body self-care tasks. Vannessa worked on hygiene and grooming tasks while sitting on the edge of the bed. Vannessa safely and efficiently performed lower body dressing with verbal cues from her therapists. All of Ms. L.’s  occupational short-term goals were met. Determined to go home to be with her family, Vannessa worked very hard every day and continued her therapy process.

Vannessa’s response to treatment was remarkable. She worked with physical therapist, Joseph, who motivated her to safely perform bed mobility tasks with supervised assistance. In time, Vannessa was able to safely perform functional transfers with 5% verbal cues of safety awareness. Ms. L. quickly ambulated on leveled surfaces 100 feet using a four-wheel walker with normalized gait patterns. Able to safely walk and turn without falls, Vannessa met her long-term goals.

By week 3, Vannessa was safely ambulating to independent activities on her own. Vannessa discharged Friday August 28, 2020 to return home with her mother, Juanita, and beloved daughter, Kiara.

We wish Vannessa all the best as she is so excited to return home!