Patient’s Age: 52-years-old
Patient’s Name: William
Admission Date: 09/02/20
Admitted From: Tampa General Hospital
Discharge Date: 10/06/20
Discharged To:The Bristol At Tampa Rehabilitation and Nursing
Length of Stay: 4 weeks
Reason for Stay: Severe weakness
How did this patient hear about The Bristol: The resident shared he was referred to The Bristol from his social worker at Tampa General Hospital.

Details of experience
Mr. William Orbach was admitted to The Bristol at Tampa Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on Wednesday, September 2, 2020. William had been diagnosed in 2007 with severe neuropathy which over time developed into progressive muscle weakness. Mr. Orbach had been hospitalized in September 2020 because he was unable to lift his arms over his head or dress himself. William had lost fine motor control of his hands and was unable to write or lift himself out of his seating position. Mr. Orbach was not able to stand or walk and was immediately transported to Tampa General Hospital where he was treated and later discharged to our skilled nursing community.

Warmly greeted by our administrative team members and several professionals of The Bristol at Tampa, William Orbach smiled and was ready for his road to recovery. Mr. Orbach was also presented with a branded CareRite welcome gift bag by Lisha, our Concierge Director. Within 24 hours William had met with the entire team including our Dietary department for any dietary preferences or food restrictions. Bedridden and unable to move a muscle, Mr. Orbach’s plan was to complete physical therapy and return home as independently as possible.

The plan of treatment by Week 1: William was a MOD assist and had worked extremely hard with physical therapist Tessa on bed mobility tasks with the use of side rails to get in and out of bed. Mr. Orbach safely performed functional transfers with CGA and with the assistance of his therapist Tessa. Goals were being met and Mr. Orbach was pleased with therapist Tessa and George’s consistent level of care. Week 3: William increased his standing balance to fair spontaneously righting himself when needed to reduce the risk for falls. Mr. Orbach was able to safely ambulate on leveled surfaces 75 feet using an FWW with CGA to return home. By week 4 of both continued occupational and physical therapy, Mr. William was preparing to return home to his wife Linda and family. Mr. Orbach achieved his goals and was very pleased with the services by The Bristol family.

On October 6, 2020, Mr. Orbach was discharged from The Bristol Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. Before leaving the community, William stated, “everyone here was kind and accommodating. I had no issues or worries which made my stay a lot easier.” Mr. Orbach was also kind enough to leave The Bristol At Tampa a google review. “Great place to be for rehabilitation. I was immediately greeted by Lisha Casey who is the Concierge. She explained her role and what to expect during my stay. She was very helpful and reassuring which put my mind at ease.”

The Bristol at Tampa would like to thank Mr. William Orbach for his kind words. We wish him all the best!!