Patients Age: 69-years-old
Admission Date: 08/07/20
Admitted From: Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Discharge Date: Undetermined
Length of Stay: 2+ months
Reason for Stay: Paralyzed due to Covid-19
How did this patient hear about The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation and Nursing Center? From the Social Worker at the Hospital.

Details of experience:
Mr. Robert A. arrived at The Chateau At Brooklyn On Friday August 8, 2020. Mr. Robert was admitted to Mount Sinai due to a fall that he had because of Covid. Mr. Robert contracted Covid and for some reason that the doctors still don’t know he started to lose feeling in his hips all the way to his toes, which resulted in him falling at his home multiple times. After a couple of times of him falling he decided it was time to go to the hospital despite what was going on in the hospitals because of the virus. He was in the hospital for 2 months which was a rollercoaster doing all sorts of different tests, MRIs, and scans, but unfortunately, nothing showed why he was losing feeling.

After many tests and minimal rehab that was being done in the hospital, it was time for him to return to a rehabilitation facility. Robert did not know of any rehab facilities so the social worker together with the caseworker started to help him with this big decision. After much consideration, the decision was made, and he was going to get admitted to The Chateau at Brooklyn.

Upon arriving at The Chateau, Robert was very happy to see how nice the building looked and how pleasant the general environment was. After staying in the hospital and being bothered by the noise around-the-clock he was so happy to heal in a quiet and peaceful place, where he was able to regain his thoughts and think about what was ahead for him. The staff was very kind and welcoming and explained to him the process that they would use to ensure that he achieved his maximum rehabilitation outcome. Although there were some other clinical challenges, starting from that first day he arrived he was determined and excited to start this path to recovery.

After meeting his Physical Therapist, Maher, and his Occupational therapist, Nagwa, he was determined and excited to return to work because he knew it would be a long road ahead, but he did see a dim light ahead.

Throughout this whole process, Robert was extremely happy with the staff at The Chateau, he was extremely happy with his therapy and support team. Something that really amazed him was that when he was discharged from the hospital, his doctors shared with him that he would probably never walk again. Together with the amazing therapy and clinical teams here at The Chateau, he was able to walk again and regain some lost hope. Robert shared, “you guys have an excellent therapy team and the most amazing staff; I’m really happy I came to this facility.”

Robert is working really hard and the Social Work team is working with him to transition him home. He will look forward to continuing his everyday activities of daily living, which he was used to doing independently with great confidence.

We wish him only the best and much success and let him know we are always here for him if he should ever need us.