Director of Concierge Services: Amber R. Titus
Patient Name: Joyce Moffat
Patient Age: 66
Admission Date: 01/15/2022
Admitted From: HCA Florida Woodmont Hospital
Discharge Date: 03/21/2022
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 65 Days
Reason for Stay: Post Cerebrovascular Accident (Stroke)
How did this patient hear about Jupiter? Case Manager at HCA Florida Woodmont Hospital.

Details of experience:

Joyce Moffat was admitted to Jupiter Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center on January 15, 2022. She was admitted to us from HCA Florida Woodmont Hospital in Tamarac, Florida. She was admitted to HCA with Covid-19 and a Urinary Tract Infection. Joyce suffered a stroke in December of 2021, which left her with left side hemiplegia. She was doing in-home therapy before her hospitalization for the UTI and Covid, and it was decided that she should continue therapy at a rehabilitation center. At the time of her discharge from HCA, Jupiter Rehabilitation was one of the few facilities accepting Covid patients, with the recommendation of her Case Manager, Joyce chose Jupiter Rehabilitation to continue her rehab journey.

When asked what Joyce’s first perception of Jupiter Rehabilitation was, she said that the outside of our facility is very beautiful and welcoming, once inside, she felt a very warm and welcoming, homey feeling. Unfortunately, the feeling didn’t last too long, her first 48 hours in the building were rough for her, not only having to get used to a new place that wasn’t close to home, but she also had to get comfortable with a new routine and trusting the people who would be helping her in her new journey. I remember the first time I met her, we spoke a lot about these difficult changes in her life and the fears she was having as well as issues she was having with connecting with our staff. She told me, “I can’t use the left side of my body. Do you know how scary that can be?! If someone were to come in here right now and steal from me or try to hurt me, there is no way I could do anything about it.” She followed up with, “and that’s why I am going to walk out of here when I leave!”. It was inspiring to hear her determination and to see it in her eyes, thankfully, we were able to turn things around, and she started to feel more at home and comfortable with us. Our staff can’t take all the credit; however, her roommate, Eleanor, quickly became a lifeline for Joyce, and the two bonded very quickly and looked out for one another. During Joyce’s stay, she had a room change, and she made it a priority to go and see Eleanor daily. She is already planning a return trip to visit her and will be calling her daily.

When Joyce was admitted to Jupiter Rehabilitation, she needed extensive assistance for all mobility and activities of daily living (ADLs). Throughout her stay, she progressed steadily, she was initially discharged from us on March 2, 2022, but returned that evening because she didn’t quite feel like she was ready to be home yet. For the remainder of her stay with us, she progressed even more, to the point where she was able to walk, climb stairs, use the bathroom, and dress herself with minimal assistance! Joyce could not praise our therapy staff enough, not only could you feel that they supported me on my journey to gain more independence, but they helped me regain confidence in myself. She also credits our nursing staff for being fabulous and accommodating, especially our CNA, Catia, who worked with her for most of her stay. “Catia is absolutely amazing, and she is always willing to go above and beyond for her patients!”. She also really enjoyed and appreciated the in-room activities that Mary, an activity aide, provided for her.

Joyce was discharged from Jupiter Rehabilitation on March 21, 2022. She will continue with in-home therapy and three hours of nursing services a day until she is strong enough to no longer require them. She grew up riding horses and is looking forward to being able to do that again. Joyce will miss our staff, she is excited to get her independence back and be with her cat, Kitty. I asked Joyce if she would like to leave us with a quote, she first laughed at me and then told me that her favorite quote probably wouldn’t be appropriate, but she did want to end with some advice for all of us in healthcare. Joyce’s advice was always to let your patients know your facility’s protocols and the facility’s schedule and that too much communication is never a bad thing. Joyce’s warmth and sass are already missed in our community, and we are happy for her and her journey to recovery.

We wish nothing but the best for her, and I hope to see her back in Jupiter, but as a visitor this time.