Concierge Director: Yaakov Goldstein
Patients Age: 72
Admission Date: 3/15/22
Admitted From: Mount Sinai Beth Israel-Manhattan
Discharge Date: 5/8/22
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 6 Weeks
Reason for Stay: Muscle Weakness and could not walk
How did this patient hear about The Chateau? “I saw great Google reviews.”

Details of experience:

Mr. William Hennessy is a 72-year-old male who was living by himself before taking an unexpected fall and changing his life. He was nervous he would never be able to be the person he was. On March 12, 2022, Mr. Hennessy went to the hospital after the fall. The doctor ran some tests and did some x-rays only to find no breaks or fractures and was diagnosed with muscle weakness. He was able to stand for a few seconds, but nothing major. On March 15, 2022, Mr. Hennessy was admitted to The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation and Nursing Center with the goal of one day returning back home to live by himself. Upon arrival, he was greeted by the administrator, concierge, and social worker, together with a welcome package. From day one, The Chateau wanted to ensure Mr. Hennessy was happy and comfortable. He was brought to his beautiful semi-private room and was immediately impressed. The floors were shining, the bed was perfectly set up, and he had a roommate he clicked with instantly.

After settling in his room, Mr. Hennessy was seen and evaluated by the physical, occupational, and speech therapists. They each explained how they would help him achieve his goal and how they would be with him every step of the way. During his evaluation, although he could stand for a few seconds in the hospital, he was very hesitant to try doing it again. He was very nervous he would fall again. However, this time was different because now he had support around him. The therapists were there holding on to him, providing the needed physical and emotional support. The following day, Mr. Hennessy was ready to get to work but wanted to work slowly. He didn’t want to work too fast because he was nervous that he would fall again if he went home too early. The therapist team assured him that they would work together and ensured they would push to make him better than before. After a few weeks of working hard, major progress was seen. Mr. Hennessy was starting to roam the halls and doing many activities of daily living. Living in a three-floor walk-up apartment was the next challenge he needed to overcome. When Mr. Hennessy felt comfortable with his walking, he started to work on stairs. He thought it would be very difficult, only to find that he could breeze through it. With his legs being so strong from the therapy to help him walk, going up the stairs was not much of a challenge. Each day, Mr. Hennessy would do more and more steps with assistance until he was confident to do it by himself. After six weeks of being in the community, Mr. Hennessy went from barely being able to stand to doing everything he could do before his fall and better. As soon as he was comfortable with completing all his activities of daily living, a discharge date of May 8 was set.

When the day came to leave, Mr. Hennessy broke down crying. He was very sad to be leaving. He could not stop thanking every person who helped him get through this journey. His goal of living himself and feeling great was complete. Mr. Hennessy had the biggest smile on his face. He went on to say, “Every person in this facility is amazing. They each play a vital role in helping a resident complete their goal. From therapy to housekeeping, everyone was caring, compassionate, and incredible. I loved this place, highly recommended”.

The Chateau wishes him the best and is honored to be able to have helped another incredible man make his goal of independent living come true.