Concierge Director: Karissa Chiantella

Patient’s Age: 76

Admission Date: 11/26

Admitted From:  Huntington Hospital

Discharge Date: TBD

Discharged To: Home

Length of Stay: 39 days

Reason for Stay: Rehabilitation

How Did the Patient Hear About Glengariff? The spouse was a prior patient

Details of experience:

Fenton was admitted to Huntington Hospital after collapsing at home. He was in intensive care for three weeks and had pneumonia and sepsis. After spending a few weeks in the hospital, Fenton required physical therapy as he was now unable to walk. As his wife had been to Glengariff in the past, Fenton chose to come here to get strong again. Prior to his hospitalization, he was working as a professor, so his goal was to get back to his prior level of functioning.

Upon arrival, Fenton was greeted by our interdisciplinary team. At the time of his therapy evaluation, Fenton was unable to ambulate and was totally dependent, needing a Hoyer lift to get out of bed. He was hesitant about his recovery, but after meeting the team here, the positive energy made him motivated to work as hard as he could.

After a week of therapy, Fenton was able to get out of bed with minimal assistance. He enjoyed using the bike to help build up his endurance. After three weeks of hard work, he was able to walk 150 feet with a cane and climb a flight of stairs. He needed extensive assistance with ADLs, and now he is performing them all on his own.

Fenton stated, “Charlotte was a major contribution to my success. She motivated me in a mild-mannered positive fashion, and I thank her for that”. He also thanked all of the staff for their kindness and help throughout his stay here at Glengariff. Fenton continues to make progress and will be heading home right after the new year.

We wish Fenton the best of luck and wish him well!