Concierge Director: Mayya Burlakova

Patient: Freedman Rita

Admission Date: 07/17/2022

Admitted From: Boca Reginal Hospital

Discharge Date: 12/1/2022

Discharged To: Home

Length to Stay: 14 days

Reason for stay: Recovery from Total left knee replacement, UTI, Assistance with personal care.

How did this patient hear about The Legacy? Previous Patient at our Community.

Details of Experience:

Rita Freedman ​is an 81-year-old ​woman ​who came to the Legacy at Boca Raton ​on November 7th from Boca Regional Hospital with a ​total left knee replacement and UTI.  

Rita ​was a patient with us previously, and she knew our ​community had outstanding physical therapy. She also knew ​the community has dedicated, caring nursing ​and a wonderful warm staff. Each room ​is equipped with individual refrigerators, TV, and views of the exotic landscape and the surrounding lake make for wonderful window views. There is a patio where residents can chat with each other all year round. Concierge services are a great credit to the facility. Snacks are provided ​throughout the day. Live music and bingo make days more enjoyable. 

From the beginning, Rita was determined to regain her independence. Her physical therapists, Bill and Rick, were a great help. She admitted her therapy was even better than her first stay. The goals for Rita were to safely and efficiently perform low-body dressing with maximum assistance. Toileting tasks using the standard commode, bed mobility, and functional transfer with minimum assistance. Walk on level surfaces for 200 feet with minimum assistance using a folding wheeled walker.   

During recovery, the patient ambulated and was able to perform activities of daily living using minimum devices with standby assistance for safety awareness. She was shown energy conservation techniques, correct hand/foot placement for proper positioning, and implementation of safety techniques in order to ensure a safe return to her prior level of functioning. 

By discharge, Rita was safely able to perform walking with modified independence and the ability to achieve balance in order to safely return to her home and return to her prior level of functioning abilities and walk with less risk for falls. Rita was able to safely walk on level surfaces with a distance of 250 feet using a walker with modified independence while maintaining good balance. She increased her independence with all walking, reduced the risk of falls, and reduced the risk of loss of balance.

Rita safely performed bed mobility tasks with modified independence without the use of side rails in order to prepare for transfers and get in/out of bed; She was well prepared for gait activities, enhanced safe, functional mobility, and reduced risk for falls. During recovery, Rita liked to spend time on the porch and socialize with other patients, and made a lot of friends. She played games on her gadgets and attended our live music shows. Rita lives with her daughter. With strong family support, her prognosis is excellent. By discharge, we recommended home health therapy, grab bars, and providing her a 3:1 commode. Rita not only physically regained her independence, but she was more positive and upbeat. She was very pleased and thanked everyone for the best of care. ​

We wish her a happy and healthy rest of 2022!