Director of Concierge: Daniel Farmer
Patients Age: 93
Admission Date: 12/02/2022
Admitted From: Weill Cornell
Reason for Stay: Parkinson’s with associated muscle weakness status post fall
Length of Stay: 106 days

Details of experience:

One evening after supper, Mr. Leopold Flatto went downstairs to take his evening constitutional as per usual only, unfortunately, this time he took a tumble. Mr. Flatto was found at the bottom of his stairs the next morning by his caregiver who quickly called the Hatzolah to rush Mr. Flatto to the hospital. While at the hospital, Mr. Flatto was told that he had undiagnosed muscle weakness. A social worker at Weill Cornell recommended to Mr. Flatto that The Riverside Rehab would be a perfect place for Mr. Flatto to continue his road to recovery.

On December 2nd, Mr. Flatto was admitted to The Riverside Premier Rehabilitation and Healing Center. He arrived upbeat and eager to begin strengthening his legs so that he would be able to take his evening walks. The muscle weakness coupled with Parkinson’s disease was not going to make recovery an easy road for Mr. Flatto. After identifying goals and a plan of action to regain his strength and stamina, Mr. Flatto and his team of therapists got together and started working.

When Mr. Flatto arrived at The Riverside he was only able to stand with some assistance. In the three months that Mr. Flatto has participated in rehab, his balance as well as his gait have drastically improved. Aware of the road ahead, Mr. Flatto is thankful that Weill Cornell recommended stating that not only is he receiving the physical support needed, but he is also getting the emotional push that has catapulted his abilities to regain ambulatory skills. “ Due to Parkinson’s, I know that I won’t be the same, but I am much better than where I started thanks to my therapist”.