Case Study
Community Name: The Grand Pavilion
Patient’s Age: 30
Discharged To: Currently at GP
Length of Stay:
Reason for Stay: Bacteremia
How did this patient hear about The Grand Pavilion?
“We live in the area, my family came in for a tour and loved this place.”

Details of Experience:
Patient was admitted originally from Mercy hospital with multiple co-morbidities.

He is an insulin dependent diabetic that presents with advancing stages of the disease.
Per the PRI, he presented as a behavioral problem which raised some red flags in bringing him on board as a patient by Nursing Administration despite the above he was accepted and was our youngest patient at the facility at 30 years old.
On the very day of his admission, I met him with the administrator. He presented with a flat affect and an attitude of “leave me alone.” But Mercy (Administrator) being the Ray of Sunshine that she is, penetrated the wall that he had put up. Every morning during rounds, we would visit with him and listened to any concerns that he had and we ensured that it was addressed immediately.

The staff voiced out his disrespectful behavior towards the staff and his parents and Mercy immediately addressed this with him in the presence of his parents. The following day, he apologized to the staff and his parents and assured us that he is trying to better himself with the help of Mercy as his guidance.

Despite the fact that his disease process is advancing he continues to move forward to display a positive outlook in trying to fight this disease. When he first arrives to GP, he couldn’t get out of bed but now he is currently ambulating with supervision.