Cognizant that you prize and expect your independence of choice and mobility, and have always been immersed in the digital experience, we deliver an experiential suite of services to enhance your recovery.

You too will embrace our “Exceeding Your Expectations” mantra when you realize that anticipating your needs is a concerted effort begun prior to your arrival.

Personal Concierge

Upon admission, you will be assigned a Personal Concierge, whose role is to anticipate your every need throughout your recovery and serve as the liaison between you, your family and our staff. Learn More!

Interior Design

Our newly renovated communities provide an engaging blend of modern luxury and urban sophistication that stimulates the senses. Designed in soft neutral shades, the sophisticated color scheme welcomes the natural light, creating a warm, inviting environment that feels like home. Our lounges are at the crossroads of luxury and design. Capturing a residential mood, the spacious rooms are distinguished by custom made furnishings fitted to the needs of our clients.

Our Dining Experience

Our in-house chefs work together with our Staff Dietitians to prepare gourmet menus that are as delicious as they are nutritious. Daily selections are prepared with only the freshest, highest quality ingredients and are well presented in a most appealing culinary display. Also, there are always choices available to accommodate dietary restrictions, or cultural and ethnic preferences.


Our staff will do their utmost to make your experience truly remarkable. To enhance your stay, we offer a selection of amenities that pamper, indulge and uplift your spirits. In our hotel-like ambiance, guests will enjoy beautifully appointed suites, along with room service, library and DVD selections, iPads and computer services, coffee and snacks, as well as on-site beauty care.

Veterans Program

To ensure the comfort of our revered veterans, we expend every effort to create a tailored environment attuned to their every need. Specialized services and activities include vet chat groups, video and print memoirs, and emotional support. We are proud to serve those who served us. Learn More!

Visitors and Guests

Your family and friends are integral to your successful recovery. You can be sure the concierge will greet them with the same courteous demeanor that we have greeted you. Be sure to ask for the recreation calendar so you can join your loved ones at our community events and activities, which soothe the mind, body and soul.