ABSTRACT: 72 Year old African American female Ms. Rose Turner was admitted to Sans Souci’s Rehabilitation & Nursing Center on September 13th 2014. Resident was alert and oriented x 3. She had a DX with DM, S/P TKR (Status Post Total Knee Replacement) and with abdominal sx. She also suffered from tremors secondary to Parkinson’s disease. Sans Souci’s Recreation Department implemented various TR interventions based on the resident’s initial assessment and the MDS to create a specific program to cater to the resident’s leisure needs. The use of Art Therapy, Pet Therapy, Arts & Craft programs, 1:1 Music therapy and Reminisces were used to address leisure deficits while the resident was in the facility.

Upon arrival to the facility the TR department through their initial assessment was able to design leisure needs program to facilitate Ms. Turner during her stay at the facility. An activity calendar was given to her to choose whatever activities she wanted to participate in. Although the resident accepted 1:1 visits from the TR staff she was apprehensive in committing to participating in any group programs. She expressed interest in reading the newspapers daily and watching TV in her room.


After a week, Ms. Turner acclimated to the facility and started showing signs of wanting to participate in programs. At first she attended programs such as Art Studio, Cooking class and Arts & Crafts and Music programs as a passive participant. Based on MDS assessment Ms. Turner enjoyed painting, gardening and listening to music among other things. Ms. Turner was assigned the goals of participating in at least two group programs such as Art Studio and 1:1 Music therapy groups once or twice a week to promote socialization and to improve on her fine motor skills during Arts studio. With constant hand over hand guidance during the art programs and during cooking programs she began a steady climb to establishing a full leisure lifestyle in the facility. Within two weeks of her entering Sans Souci, Ms. Turner went from attending Art studio which boosted her self esteem after producing beautiful art to participating in at least 4 programs per week. She often left her unit to attend other programs on other floors.

She became more outgoing even to the point of inviting other residents to attend programs. She even expressed after a 1:1 music therapy sessions that the music was soothing and it provided her with an escape from not worrying about her illness and about returning home. Within the period of the two and half months Ms. Turner spent at Sans Souci, she participated in various TR programs that facilitated in expanding her leisure repertoire so much so that she promised to continue when she returned to the community.

Cathy Branker-Diamond, Director of Recreation, CTRS, CDP

Natalie M-Joseph, Director of Concierge Services and Patient Experience