Patient Age: 71 yrs
Admission Date: 12/4/14
Admitted From: Helen Hayes Hospital
Discharge Date: 12/4/14
Discharged to: Home
Length of Stay: 99 days
Reason for Stay: Rehab
How did this Patient hear about Ramapo? Patient was referred to Ramapo Manor by Helen Hayes Hospital.

Robert Coleman came to Ramapo Manor on December 12th 2014. He was admitted from Helen Hayes Hospital. Robert is a true success story and this just goes to show you how excellent the Rehabilitation is at Ramapo Manor. We are so fortunate to have Kessler Core as a Rehabilitation Service. Robert recently had his Lower Left Leg amputated along with a severe right Toe Abrasion. Along with that he had a really bad wound which required him to have wound care weekly. We knew he was going to be here for a few months due to the amount of Physical and Occupational Therapy that he was going to require. From day one Robert had a positive attitude about his Rehabilitation process. He was privileged to work with Shefali in Physical Therapy and Steven in Occupational Therapy. While speaking with Shefali today I asked her how has Robert done in Physical therapy and she said “Kris he has done incredible. He is walking perfectly with his new Prostatic Leg and he is back to 100%.” I then spoke with Steven from Occupational Therapy and he said “Mr. Coleman has done great in Occupational Therapy and has really regained his upper body strength along with his hand eye coordination.” I asked Sharon who was one of Robert’s nurses and she said that his wound has healed beautifully and he is doing great. While I was speaking with Robert today 3/3/15 I asked how would you rate your overall stay here at Ramapo Manor. His answer was music to my ears. He said “Kris you guys saved my life. I would rate my overall stay a 100. You guys motivated me every day to want to get better and get back to walking and everyday living. Thanks to your wonderful staff I am going to be able to do that.” Tonight we are going to be throwing Robert a graduation dinner. His story has inspired so many of our Residents who now are motivated to complete therapy and return back to their homes. He gives them Hope.