Patients Age: 86
Admission Date: February 23, 2015
Admitted From: Winthrop Medical Center
Discharge Date: April 28, 2015
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 65 Days
Reason for Stay: Stroke
How did this patient hear about The Grand Pavilion?
Dr. Mitgang and his MD from the community Dr. Jeffrey Leonardist (Cardiologist)

Patient came to Facility after a stroke. Patient`s family stated that he originally went across the street (Rockville Nursing) and they said that it was night and day between the two competitor facility.
Patient stated that he has three wonderful children that cares for him along with his wife who comes to the facility every single day to check up on his progress. Patient is a United States Veteran. He was in the U. S. Army as a staff sergeant. He enjoyed and appreciated all of the special perks that we do here for our Veterans at the Grand Pavilion.

After spending 65 days at GP, patient stated that “He feels great and alive again.”
Patient`s family extend their greatest gratitude to all of the staff at the Grand Pavilion. They want to give a special recognition to Crispin from rehab who worked for hours and hours with the patient and the family to train him how to function again back home.
Patient`s daughter stated: “Dad called this place his HOME and rehab was his Work. Thank you for all that you do in here and for all of your wonderful staff, We appreciate you all!”