Patients Age: 71
Admission Date: 6/10/15
Admitted From:St. Johns Riverside Hospital
Discharge Date: 8/15/15
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay 65 Days
Reason for Stay: Tracheostomy

Patient was admitted from St. Johns Riverside Hospital on June 10, 2015 with a diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation, Unspecified intestinal obstruction and other Tracheostomy complications. The patient was completely dependent in his ADL’S upon his admission assessment. He got assistance from OT/PT, Speech Pathology, and our Respiratory Therapist. Upon Admission, he had a decrease in strength, endurance, functional activity tolerance, postural alignment, reduced static and dynamic balance. He spent time with our Speech Therapist to help with his speech and eating. The patient was also admitted with a tracheostomy, a Cuffed Tube with Disposable Inner Cannula and PMV007 speaking and swallowing valve. He also was on a pureed diet. His tolerance for speaking and swallowing valve was limited to 10 minutes due to breathing difficulty. During speech sessions, he received trach care, o2 monitoring, training with a speaking valve, swallowing exercises and training in compensatory strategies and breathing exercises to improve ability to breath from the nose and mouth during speech and swallowing. He received voice exercises and training to improve voice production, quality and intensity. He completed his speech therapy treatment plan achieving Swallowing at a full functional level for all food and liquids consistency, voice production with normal intensity and quality, independent breathing from nose and mouth. Resident was successfully decannulated by his ENT before discharge from Sans Souci. He used an O2 supplement through the nose for a limited time and eventually became an independent breather. Also upon Discharge, patient was able to do most of his ADl’s by himself. He walked out of the door with a cane for indoor walking and a Rolling walker for outdoor use. All this would not have been possible if not for the amazing Therapy and Nursing team at Sans Souci.