Patients Age: 59
Admission Date: 7-23-2015
Admitted From: UPMC – Montefiore/Presbyterian
Discharge Date: 7-31-2015
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 8 Days
Reason for Stay: Therapy post cardiac surgery
How did this patient hear about Forbes? He lives in the community

Details of Experience:
When Mr. PM first arrived at Forbes Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare, he made it very clear what his biggest expectation was, he said, “I expect to be provided with good care and to keep me informed with any changes in my condition; to treat me with courtesy and respect, and also to keep my wife informed”. This is something that we at Forbes took to heart and made it our goal to uphold our end of the bargain. I had many conversations with him and his wife over the course of his stay. The first few days were hard for him due to his weakness which affected his gait pattern and mobility. But he kept on working at it, after the end of the first few days he told me, that he felt that he was getting stronger. Our Physical Therapists gave it their best and a short while later Mr. PM was able to return home to his family. Before he left he said, “You have been helpful when I needed it and took care of all of my problems. You were very attentive to my needs.You communicated with my family and asked if we needed anything and checked of everything. You made sure that I always had what I needed or even wanted- Carl Anderson (Unit Manager) always came in to check on me, he was very polite and concerned about my welfare and the Physical Therapy department was very helpful, they all gave me good advice, and they made sure that I was going at a pace that was healthy for me to recover. Regarding the Concierges Service he said, I had a good experience, I was hard on you because when I was in pain it was hard for me to concentrate and figure things out. You connected me to the right people.” And he appreciated that our Doctors came to check up on him without him asking and that our Recreation Department had a unique approach and caters to different people. In all Mr. PM enjoyed his stay here at Forbes evidenced by the fact that a few weeks after he discharged he called me to thank us for everything that we did for him and that he appreciates all the help that he was able to get here, he also mentioned that he may stop in to say hi to his friends here.