Patients Age:
Admission Date: 1/15/15
Admitted From: Allegheny General Hospital
Discharge Date: 10/8/15
Discharged To: Health South Rehab Hospital
Length of Stay: 10 Months
Reason for Stay: Therapy
How did this patient hear about Forbes?

Details of Experience:
The following is from our amazing Therapy Department. “J.C admitted into Forbes Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare with paraplegia, and was completely dependent with all transfers, movement, bathing and dressing tasks. J.C was unable to feel his legs and was not able to move them actively. During the course of therapy of therapy treatment and his own determination and active involvement in goals and plan of care, his progress was tremendous. He obtained sensation in bilateral legs and was able to actively move them and participate in strength training. J.C completed transfers with an assist of one, completed bathing and dressing routines with an assist of one and initiated walking with assistive LiteGait technologies. J.C was able to gain enough function and strength to qualify for an advanced stay at a Spinal Cord Aggressive Rehab Center in September and is now residing at home! “
The following is from our amazing Nursing Department, “When J.C first arrived here at Forbes he was on and Vent and a Trach, he was in Respiratory Failure, and was admitted on to our fourth floor Ventilator unit. Due to the tireless efforts of our Respiratory Therapists, J.C was weened and transferred off of that floor and on to out fifth floor unit which is the short term unit. Because of the help from the Therapy Department he was eventually able to go on to a more advanced therapy setting and went home from there”.

The following is from our Concierge, “Time and time again J.C told me how happy he was over here, how the food was great, and that the nursing staff was good too. To sum up how he really thought about Forbes he had these wonderful and inspiring words to share, you got me walking. When I first came here everyone, my kids, my doctor, said that I wouldn’t walk again. I had nerve damage. I’m walking now but I ain’t done yet. You have to be determined in order to succeed. 35 feet now, who knows how many in the future! All in all, this is another great job done by all of the staff at Forbes Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare”.