Patients Age: 78
Admission Date: 10/1/15
Admitted From: SBUH
Discharge Date: 10/30/15
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 29 Days
Reason for Stay: CHF
How did this patient hear about St. James? Friend was a previous resident

Details of Experience:
Resident was admitted to St James Rehab with admitting diagnosis of congestive heart failure, fluid overflow and lower extremity cellulites. Upon evaluation from PT/OT it was determined that this patient required extensive assist for ambulation and all activities of daily living. In addition to rehab services this resident required skilled nursing service to monitor oxygen saturation for lower extremity edema and wound care for the cellulites. After a month of daily rehab and great nursing care this resident had gained her strength back which allowed her to independently dress herself, ambulate greater than 200 feet with a rolling walker and go up the 8 steps to her home. She also participated in the Creative Arts Therapy open sessions which she enjoyed and took a nice project home with her upon discharge.