Employee of the Quarter, April 2016


We are proud to announce Angela Tucker, CNA of The Grove at Valhalla Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, as the Employee of the Quarter!

A part of The Grove family since June 2000, she goes above and beyond to ensure that her patients receive the utmost care and service. She shared, “I love taking care of people.”

Angela Tucker is known for her warm, contagious smile, peaceful demeanor and positive attitude.

Her administrator, Jake Hartstein, shared, “You’ll never hear her say, ‘that’s not my job.’”

Angela’s work ethic and determination to go above and beyond what is expected stems from her childhood in Jamaica, and always wanting to support and help those in need.

When asked what she loves about her job, she smiled and said, “Interacting with patients…I love what I’m doing. I put the best foot out because this is where I earn my living. I always feel a glow, I always look forward coming to work. This is my place. You have to treat this like your home. This is their home.”

She continued, “You have to respect, love and appreciate the patients, because without them, we wouldn’t be here. I always do what I think is best. I’m not above doing anything.”

Congratulations again to Angela Tucker; you are a part of #TheCareRiteDifference!


Employee of the Quarter, January 2016

We are proud to announce Lori Wagner, LPN of Platinum Ridge Center for Rehabilitation and Healing, as the Employee of the Quarter.

Lori Wagner has been working at Platinum Ridge for 21 years; after graduating from nursing school, Wagner began working at Platinum Ridge- it came to be a second home.

“The residents and patients are the best part of my job,” Wagner shared. “I love being there for the residents. I also like to help the families. I treat my residents with dignity and respect; I treat everyone as I would treat my own parents.”

Wagner works tirelessly to ensure that her residents have the best quality of life as possible, and to be the one that is there if they do not have family. “It is important,” Wagner began, “to give the best care and provide hope, love, and joy to those at Platinum Ridge.”

Lori Wagner’s compassion, talent and drive is truly appreciated, and we are grateful to have such an individual in our network.

Upon learning she was employee of the quarter, Wagner stated, “It is a true honor to be appreciated and to be chosen as a candidate. Every day is a new day, and I always try to find the good in all things.”

Congratulations again to Lori Wagner; you are the CareRite Difference!

(In photo above, pictured left to right: Hillary Butts, Administrator, with Lori Wagner, LPN. In photo below, Lori Wagner’s gratitude speech and a drawing that a resident created in her honor.)




Employee of the Quarter, September 2015


We are proud to announce Mr. Benjamin, of Sans Souci Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, as the Employee of the Quarter!

When asked what he loves about his job and why he does what he does on a daily basis, he stated, “I do it for the residents. They are our family.”

Mr. Benjamin shared that he loves his position and the Sans Souci community: “It’s beautiful, everyone is wonderful here; it’s a good place to be. I have the opportunity to have a job doing what I love. When you love what you do, it’s not work. I’m going on eleven years here, and I am happy to be a part of the team.”

He explained that the people he works with, along with the residents, inspire him; truly, he inspires them. “I’ve always wanted to learn as much as I could and stay positive always,” he began. “Everyday, new memories are always made.”

Congratulations again to Mr. Benjamin and for contributing to the CareRite Difference!

(pictured left to right: John Brown, Director of Environmental Services; Mr. Benjamin, Employee of the Quarter; Ari Grinspan, Administrator of Sans Souci).