Patients Age: 49
Admission Date: 10/25/16
Admitted From: St. Charles Hospital
Discharge Date: TBD
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: TBD
Reason for Stay: Bladder infection
How did this patient hear about St. James? The patient has been previously under the care of St James rehabilitation in the past and originally discovered the community through the hospital where he was admitted to at the time.

Details of Experience:

The patient was admitted from St. Charles Hospital on October 25th 2016, in result of a bladder infection. The patient has previously been under the care of St. James rehabilitation in which he shared his experience as, “St. James has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. I love the people that work here so much that I would like to come back as a volunteer.”

The therapeutic recreation department has recently worked alongside the patient for potential involvement with their pet therapy program. The patient has grown through our creative arts therapy, recreational therapy, and pet therapy both physically and mentally and would like to help others grow as well. After being admitted to the community on three separate occasions, the patient still enjoys the time spent here at St. James.

Once the patient was admitted into St. James, he was immediately greeted by the staff. The patient has built relationships with many staff members in many different departments. One would often find them speaking with various professionals on the St. James team discussing sports and current events. They were also consistently greeted by other residents and staff members as they would travel up through the halls of the community. “The staff here is very on point as far as helping people. “St. James is the perfect place to come to get healthy!”

The patient is very thankful for all of the hard work and devotion that the staff invested in his health and wellbeing. He expressed that there are so many positive experiences here at St. James it is impossible not to love it here. The patient went on to say that, “the staff works like a well-oiled machine, everyone is important in their own way”. St. James is grateful to have such an outstanding patient and wishes him nothing but the best. We will be sad when he leaves, but excited to see him again when he returns as a volunteer.