Patients Age: 85
Admission Date: 2/03/2017
Admitted From: Mount Sinai Kings Highway Division
Discharge Date: Within 2 weeks
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 
Reason for Stay: Hip Fracture
How did this patient hear about The Chateau? Ms. Wright was a patient in the past.

Details of Experience:

Ms. Doris Wright arrived at The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on February 2nd, from Mt. Sinai Hospital Kings Highway Division, after a fall at home resulting in a broken hip. Ms. Wright has been an active woman her whole life and was nervous that this fracture would hinder her ability to enjoy life the way she was enjoying it before her fall. After a few days of recuperating in the hospital, the social worker suggested to Doris that a few weeks of rehabilitation would do wonders for her and get her back to herself. She suggested The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation Center for her, being that it’s close to her house and had a wonderful reputation.

As soon as Ms. Wright arrived at The Chateau, she was pleased to be back on the first where she was a past patient two years ago. She remembered the friendly, smiling faces from when she was with us prior. When asked about her stay, Ms. Wright shared, “The Chateau is a wonderful place! Ms. Young, my nurse on the 7-3 shift, is really amazing; she has a magical touch. When I came in from the hospital I had some issues that I needed to be taken care of, and within one hour of being here at The Chateau, Ms. Young resolved them. When I had a question on how my wound was healing, the nurses picked up on it right away, and made sure I got the proper care that I needed to stay on my road to recovery. The CNAs as well are all very understanding and made sure to be extra gentle with my foot so I wouldn’t be in more pain than I was already in from the procedure”.

Prior to arriving to the community, Doris was unable to ambulate independently and had concerns performing her activities of daily living. Once she arrived she was met by our physical and occupational therapists who informed her that they would be able to help her regain the strength in her legs and be able to return to the lifestyle she was enjoying prior to her fall. After a few, short but successful weeks of rehabilitative therapy, Doris is now able to walk on her own with a rolling walker, and can perform her activities of daily living with minimal assistance, she keeps constantly improving with each day that goes by. Doris was also very pleased that her physical therapist, Melvin, was very gentle yet still helped her get back on her feet again.

Throughout her stay, Ms. Wright is constantly impressed with how spotless the housekeepers kept the building, and how well the engineering team ensured the building maintained efficiency all whilst keeping a bright smile on their faces. All in all, Ms. Wright is very happy with her stay at The Chateau and looking forward to being discharged to her home in approximately one week. The Chateau wished her all the best, and hope that she comes back to visit soon!