Patients Age: 86
Discharge Date: TBD
Discharged To: TBD
Length of Stay: TBD
Reason for Stay: Falling accidents
How did this patient hear about Forbes? Shadyside Hospital

Details of Experience:

Patient arrived at Forbes Center for Rehabilitation, in the beginning of February, 2017. Patient was transferred from Shadyside hospital. Upon arrival, the patient admitted after suffering from multiple falls in her home. Patient was unaware of her falling accidents and has little memory the timespan between being home and the hospital. Her granddaughter shared that she was there at the time of the fall. Patient was rushed to Shadyside hospital to seek medical attention. Due to the falling accident, she suffered from a leg and hip injury. Prior to the fall, patient suffered from arthritis of the spine, knee and has a history of back surgery.

Patient was referred to Forbes Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare, by her physicians at Shadyside hospital. After arriving to Forbes, she began physical therapy where she focused on improving her mobility and range of motion in her leg and hip. After a few months of intensive rehabilitation services, she was released from physical therapy! Patient complains of little to no pain at all and is able to move freely. She will be discharged back home where she will continue to receive support from clinical home health services and her family. Patient describes her stay at Forbes Center as being a very pleasant experience as the, “staff members were always kind and always supportive.”