Patients Age: 54
Admission Date: 10/18/17
Admitted From: White Plains Hospital
Discharge Date: 12/6/17
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 7 weeks
Reason for Stay: Right shoulder hemiarthroplasty
How did Patient hear about The Enclave at Port Chester? Hospital

Details of Experience:

Ally was admitted to The Enclave at Port Chester Rehabilitation and Nursing Center on October 18, 2017 from White Plains Hospital after undergoing elective right shoulder hemiarthroplasty due to her history of osteoarthritis. The interdisciplinary team, including the nurses, doctor, administrative team, and therapists warmly welcomed Ally into her new environment, making her feel at ease and comfortable. Shortly after her arrival, Ally was introduced to her physical therapist Marlene and her occupational therapist Jessica. After performing their evaluations, Allie was assessed as non-weight bearing on her right shoulder, requiring extensive assistance of one for activities of daily living (ADL’s), including dressing and toileting. She was also experiencing intense pain, which severely limited her functional mobility and a decrease in strength. Initial goals were established to relieve some of the pain, which would facilitate increased rehab potential. Longer term goals were designed to allow her to regain her
functional independent capabilities and get back home.

Marlene patiently guided Ally to increase her strength and endurance, while taking extra care to mitigate pain. After two weeks, the pain level had decreased to 7/10 from a 9/10, allowing transfers to be conducted with standby assist and to climb four steps with moderate assist of one. A follow up appointment with her orthopedist was arranged who was happy with her progress.

One month into her stay, Ally had made tremendous gains, further enhancing her confidence and safety awareness. By this time, the pain was 5/10 so she could maximize her therapy sessions, allowing her to walk 150 feet with an SPC and standby assist and could climb 15 stairs with contact guard assist, meeting her goal. She was doing her adl’s independently with standby assist.

On December 6th , Ally left The Enclave beaming at her regained independence and excited to get back home with her family. While still feeling pain at 3/10, she could perform adl’s independently, including dressing and grooming, and could perform standing activities for up to 25 minutes while utilizing a cane

for support. She could perform functional transfers independently and walk 200 feet with an SPC. We hope to see her visiting soon, to inspire those who have helped her.