Patients Age: 66
Admission Date: 5/22/18
Admitted From: VA Manhattan Hospital
Discharge Date: 7/25/18
Discharged To: Home
Length of Stay: 2 months
Reason for Stay: Stroke
How did this patient hear about The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation & Nursing Center? Online Research

Mr. Jesus R. was admitted to The Chateau at Brooklyn after suffering a stroke at home and losing his ability to care for himself the way he used to. Prior to his stroke, he was fully independent and was able to take care of all his needs without any assistance. However, after suffering the stroke, he lost his ability to walk and the ability to do the things that he was doing prior. Jesus was looking for a residency to and get the necessary rehabilitation to get back to himself.

After looking at a few different communities in the neighborhood, he decided to pick The Chateau due to the amazing reviews that he heard, as well as the great report from a friend that visited the facility while he was in the hospital. Jesus decided to come to The Chateau to get the necessary rehab to get back to himself.

Upon admission to The Chateau, Jesus was in bad shape and was in desperate need of the rehabilitation services offered here. He was unable to walk and needed assistance in taking care of his basic activities of daily living. While he was very motivated to get better, the encouragement that he received from the staff gave him the extra push to hit the floor running, working hard in therapy. When he first began in the gym, every exercise took a lot of time to complete and drained him of his energy.

The staff told him not to get discouraged. They explained that at first everything will seem hard, but once he starts to work every day, he slowly but surely will see the improvements that he is looking for. He agreed to keep pushing. Jesus was a little hesitant after seeing how much effort he was putting into his workouts all while having slow results.

After a few weeks of therapy, his mindset changed as he was seeing the improvements that he was looking for. Jesus began thanking the staff for believing in him. Prior to being discharged, he sat down to speak with the staff to express his gratitude.

“When I came to the chateau I was in a very bad state, I had suffered a stroke and was scared to think that I wouldn’t be able to get back to life as I was used to before the stroke. I loved my independence and was worried that I would never get that back. However, after a few weeks of rehabilitation, my whole outlook changed. The staff all treated me so well and made sure that my every need was met. When I told the therapists what my expectations were for rehabilitation and what I would need to relearn to go home, they promised me that I would be able to do everything necessary before being discharged; and boy were they right. I am now fully independent and even able to walk stairs without assistance. I will be forever grateful for the amazing work that the staff here has done and recommend the chateau to anyone looking for a wonderful environment to heal in.”

The staff at The Chateau were all excited for Jesus to go home and wished him luck on getting everything back together at home. We know that it has been a long journey, but we are very excited for it to be coming to an end and hope that everything will continue going well for Jesus.