Resident’s Age: 50-years-old
Admission Date: 10/19/17
Discharge Date: TBD
Length of Stay: Arrived October 2017, Current Resident
Reason for Stay: Resident was referred to the Quality Center in result of a heart attack/ TIA stroke from hospitalization.

Details of Experience:
Mrs. Yocum explained that while lying in bed one evening, she felt different. She called out for her daughter to come help her to the restroom, then she suddenly collapsed. This resulted in an emergency transport to the hospital, which further ruled that she was having a heart attack and stroke. During her recovery, Mrs. Yocum could not walk, talk, and was unable to use her hands and legs. The Quality Center for Rehabilitation and Healing admissions team met with her while at the hospital and advised her of our great rehabilitation and therapy team. Mrs. Yocum made a life-changing decision in selecting the Quality Center on October 19, 2017.

Upon her arrival to the Quality Center, Mrs. Yocum was greeted, welcomed, and evaluated by our clinical team of physical, occupational, and pulmonary therapists. A treatment plan was developed with specific goals of her regaining her strength and independency to return back to a healthy, functioning and a productive quality of life. When Mrs. Yocum arrived at Quality, she was extremely nervous. She had communication barriers due to her stroke and had to learn how to communicate her needs and concerns. The Quality team provided a loving, comfortable, patient-centered and hands-on approach of care. This approach nurtured a rapport of helping to meet Ms. Yocum needs and to ease the long road for recovery.

Within hours, physical therapy diligently began a bedside therapy approach to begin strengthening her body. Speech therapy developed a treatment plan that supported techniques of

teaching her tongue motions and movement which resulted in successful word pronunciation and sounds. She advised that the clinical team encouraged her to keep pushing forward as there were days that she wanted to give up. This encouragement and support eventually helped her to surpass her treatment goals, which ultimately got her up out of the bed and physically into the therapy gym to continue a much intense and hands-on treatment plan.

Mrs. Yocum went from bedside arm compressions while in her hospital bed, to a cycling treatment plan in the therapy gym on a bicycle; displaying strength in her back, legs and muscles. With more outstanding success including mastering an independent mobility goal with use and support of a walker, she proudly walked from one end of the therapy hall to the other.

While walking, she was making small and proud improvements of motion and victory. Mrs. Yocum became more and more confident, pleased, excited, and proud of her great progress and accomplishments! She stated, “I have met some really amazing people here. My nurses, therapy team and techs have been so good to me! Really the entire Quality Team has been phenomenal. They have all pushed me to fight to regain my strength, to relearn how to speak and to hold conversations and talk. I’m so proud of myself and so very grateful for my support and care that I’ve received from Quality.”

With Mrs. Yocum on a continuous treatment plan, The Quality team continues to provide motivation, care, and support. We strive to regain the best and to be the best. The sky’s the limit and Mrs. Yocum is one of the stars!