Patient’s age: 77-years-old
Admission date: 05/10/19
Admitted from: New York Presbyterian Lower Manhattan
Discharge date: 07/18/19
Discharged to: Home
Length of stay: 10 weeks (69 days)
Reason of stay: Multiple myeloma dysphasia, diabetes
How did patient hear about the Phoenix? The Hospital Social worker.

Details of Experience:
Mr. Liang was admitted to The Phoenix Rehabilitation & Nursing Center on May 10, 2019, from New York-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan. He was admitted with multiple myeloma he was diagnosed in 2013. He had difficulty in walking and muscle weakness and needed Short Term rehabilitation and recovery.

Within the first 24 hours, consistently follow up was made in which he was warmly greeted by the attending physician, therapists, social worker, and concierge to welcome him and answer any questions that he and his family had. The dietitian reported Mr. Liang liked most kinds of foods and had no food allergies. He was set up to have a NAS (no-added-salt diet), puree meal, and to be on honey thin liquids, per his medical chart and for safety/health.

He also noticed that the facility was simply a wonderful place, noting the renovated gymnasium, large dining rooms, and a second-floor patio overlooking Fort Greene Park. His suite was very comfortable and accommodating, as he shared. As a Cantonese speaking gentleman, he was relieved to know that the concierge department here at The Phoenix was fluent.

During the first week, his goal was to return home upon completion of rehab. He quickly upgraded in diet with approval from the clinical team and was making consistent progress. He was also appreciative of his roommate, Joseph Z., as they quickly became friends. Mr. Liang was quite known to be heavily involved in recreational programming here at The Phoenix. Always in great spirits and a positive mindset, he would commonly befriend most.

During the final week of his stay, Mr. Liang was feeling much better than when he first admitted. He was thankful to have completed therapy treatments and to be where he was, health-wise. His wife, Chin Qing Liang, and Mr. Liang were inseparable as she was a frequent visitor.

Mr. Liang was discharged with family on July 18th back to his home. Education was provided by our clinical team members to ensure that his family would be well-versed in continued care, such as insulin administration and safety practices.

We wish Mr. Liang nothing but prosperity in health and good fortune in his future.