Patient’s Age: 76-years-old
Date of Admission: 10/09/19
Admitted From: VA Medical Center
Discharge Date: TBD
Discharge To: Home
Reason for stay: Sepsis

Details of experience:
Ms. Eaton arrived at Trevecca Center for Rehabilitation and Healing on October 9th, 2019 after staying at the VA Medical Center for 10 nights. She was admitted to the hospital because of a rectal abscess that was growing in size and increasing in pain. After her stay at the VA, she was brought to Trevecca Center so she would have 24-hour skilled nursing care while she is in her healing process.

After her family toured Trevecca Center and spoke to the wound care team, they decided that this would be the best fit for Ms. Eaton. After she was admitted, she was greeted by staff in the therapy department, nursing department, social services and admissions for the initial assessments and welcoming.

During week one of Ms. Eaton being at Trevecca and wound team beginning their work on her wound was large and causing Ms. Eaton a lot of pain, her wound was being treated in three different areas on her bottom, averaging length at about 7.4 cm with a width of 5.7 cm and a depth of 3.1. Her wound began to heal rather quickly with Trevecca’s wonderful wound team taking the right steps to help treat her wound.

By week three, with Ms. Eaton receiving wound pump treatment three times a week and wound team tending to her wounds, Ms. Eaton’s wounds have gone down with the largest one at 4.8 cm in length, 2.4 cm in width and 1.1 cm in depth. The reports on Ms. Eaton’s wound show nothing but improvement, and during all of the pain from her wound that Ms. Eason has endured, she has always kept a smile on her face.

We are glad Ms. Eaton chose Trevecca Center to help her during her healing journey, and are beyond satisfied with the progress that she has made. Although a discharge date hasn’t been set in stone yet, with her consistently improving, we expect that she will be returning home rather soon, and wish her nothing but the best.