Patient Age: 67 years old
Admission Date: 02/26/2020
Admitted From: New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City
Discharged Date: TBD
Discharged to: TBD
Length of Stay: TBD
Reason for Stay: Hip replacement and cancer in femur
How did this patient hear about Cortlandt Healthcare? She heard about us from her friend who was at Cortland for rehab.

Details of Experience:
In June of 2019, Carol C. saw a doctor for hip pain which they thought was arthritis. Once the pain progressed, the doctor recommended using a cane when needed but that quickly turned into a walker when she had trouble walking. She returned to the doctor in January, where she underwent an X-ray and an MRI. While evaluating Carol’s results, they found something abnormal in her femur bone. Carol was sent to New York-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan where they found cancer on her femur bone. Thankfully, the cancer did not spread.

Carol underwent a four-hour surgery on her femur and hip in February 2020. First, they cut the femur bone to excise the cancer and then placed steel rods. They also performed a hip replacement for support in her lower extremities. She required this surgery because her leg and hip were causing her a great deal of pain.

Carol was in the hospital for five days post-surgery and then needed to find a rehab to attend. She had a friend that she knew went to rehab for an injury so she decided to ask if she would recommend where she went. This is how Carol found out about Cortlandt Healthcare.

Carol was welcomed to Cortlandt Healthcare and greeted by our nursing staff and our concierge who brought her to her room and gave her a nice meal since she arrived after dinner. Carol shared that she had a great first night with us! She was put into a lovely room with a wonderful woman who sooner became her best friend. During her free time, Carol and her roommate loved to color and do puzzles together. She also enjoyed doing our activities with our recreation department like bingo. She also enjoys reading and she loved to visit her friends when she was home and she can’t wait to get back to that!

She was later evaluated by rehab and then started her PT with Ricky. Her OTs, Monique, and Lisa, helped her out of bed most days and helped her whenever she needed it. As Carol stated, “They were wonderful! They always assisted me with daily tasks such as going to the bathroom and getting dressed!”

Carol’s self-goal was to be able to walk with the walker and be more independent and today, Carol is almost as independent as she would like and only has a little bit more therapy until her discharge! She can walk with the walker and can navigate the stairs independently. She is becoming more and more confident in her ability to complete everyday tasks. Carol is feeling very good with her results and the service provided. As she shared, “Cortlandt Healthcare’s therapy team is excellent! They are very patient and they are willing to help you no matter what!” She is extremely excited to be able to go home!