Patients Age: 88-years-old
Admission Date: 07/14/20
Admitted From: New York Community Hospital
Discharge Date: 08/13/20
Length of Stay: 30 days
Reason for Stay: Patient fell
How did this patient hear about The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation and Nursing Center?  Social Worker in the hospital offered recommendation

Details of experience:
Mrs. Sheila Creasy was admitted to The Chateau at Brooklyn Rehabilitation Center on June 14, 2020, after an inpatient stay at New York Community Hospital. Prior to going to the hospital, Sheila was independent and living on her own. But after she found herself on the floor and spending some time in the hospital she lost her ability to walk and live on her own, which made her worry how she would be able to return back to her apartment after all this. After a long conversation with her siblings, together with the Social Worker, the decision was made that she will be going to a rehabilitation center. After researching local rehabilitation and nursing centers, the reputation of The Chateau led the family to choose The Chateau for Sheila’s rehabilitation needs.

When she arrived at The Chateau, she was greeted by an amazing Interdisciplinary team, made up of individuals from the Nursing, Rehabilitation, Social Work, Activities and Concierge departments. She was very excited to meet her therapist because that was her primary reason for coming here. So, after a good night’s sleep, she was greeted by her Physical and Occupational Therapist. Her therapists discussed Sheila’s expectations and shared she would be able to do all the things she was used to doing. It was a little tough for Mrs. Creasy to visualize meeting these goals.  Nevertheless, the therapists assured her she would go home feeling great, and she very motivated to start working with them.

After 2 weeks, Mrs. Creasy started noticing some improvements and she started to do things on her own again. As the days kept going on, she kept feeling stronger and more confident to take another step and push herself a little harder in order to get back to being independent. After a few weeks on an intensive rehabilitation program, Sheila was able to get out of bed on her own and walk 100 ft. with assistance. When asked about her experience with the Rehabilitation team, Mrs. Creasy said “I am so happy with this place, all of the staff are excellent. The therapists constantly kept my goals in front of me and always pushed me to do better than I did the day before.”

On August 12, 2020 Mrs. Sheila Creasy was discharged.  She was looking forward to going back home and seeing her friends and her siblings again.

The Chateau wishes her the best and are honored to be able to have helped another patient make his/her wishes of independent living come true!